New explosion FXs (rks_explosions)

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New explosion FXs (rks_explosions)

Postby RK4000 » 26 Feb 2014, 01:36

(Credit for all pics goes to Blackster)

The mod can be obtained form the vault, under the name of "rks_explosions".
Latest version of explosions: rks_explosions V9
(89% Gorton included in latest release.)

ETA for V10: No ETA yet.

LATEST NEWS: speed2 has fixed the explosions so that they work again in the upcoming 3690 patch! Huge thanks to him!


So, since FAF is always looking towards improving the overall look of FA in addition to the balancing changes, I've decided I want to make some custom explosions for units, rather than the generic fireball ones we have currently, just to spice things up a bit. :D

About the explosions themselves:
The idea behind them is that, for example, a Cybran unit will not explode the same way an Aeon unit will, but a T1 unit will also not explode the same way a T2 or T3 one will, for example, a mantis having the same explosion size as a Brick has doesn't make much sense to me. Different factions obviously use different materials and such to create units, and even different units within the same faction aren't necessarily made from the same material or in the same way either. This mod aims to bring out more factional diversity, not just in the gameplay, but in high-quality diverse explosions aswell.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BLOOM RENDER ON, THESE EXPLOSIONS ARE DESIGNED WITH BLOOM RENDER ON AND WILL LOOK SLIGHTLY WORSE OTHERWISE! The latest explosions are designed to also look more or less the same even with bloom render off, but it is still recommended to turn bloom render on if it does not bother you.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Effects: RK
Coding: RK, Domino, Sheeo, speed2
Advertising in casts: Gyle

Suggestions and feedback: Aulex, Nombringer, everyone who posted, and all of the AIx clan (huge thanks to these guys)

--New explosions for Land, Air, Navy and Buildings. Using completely custom-made effects instead of the current generic "fireball" explosion.
--Factionally diferenciated explosion styles for each faction.*
*(UEF: Fire, Cybran: Electric discharge, Aeon: Aura explosion, Seraphim: Violent discharge)
--More optimized explosions for land (more frames per second during land fights)
--Completely custom Experimental explosions
--Maximum utilization of the game's particle system
--Does not modify any of the unit stats and abilities. The mod is purely visual, aside from slightly altered unit death animation duration.

Planned for V10:
Aiming to fix all bugs and finish all experimental explosions (scathis, mavor, paragon, atlantis, tempest).

Known bugs/errors:
-Some experimental sub-explosions don't have sounds.
-Submersible units do not play their explosions properly.
-Air units killed in factories create water splash effect.

Q1: Will this mod make the game lag more?
A: Hopefully not, see the "features" at the top of the post. Land effects, especially Cybran and Aeon, are less graphically demanding than the old generic fireball explosions, Seraphim and UEF are probably around the same. However, in theory, new effects (such as planes burning up) could potentially lag the game more than before, since before those effects did not exist. But, since the mod optimizes many other effects the net result is about the same.

Q2: Effect x makes my game lag horribly! Why is this?
A: I don't know, I do extensive testing on every effect to see how much it lags compared to the old one (if an old one existed, an exclusion to this are planes burning when they are destroyed), but if you post which effect and when in this thread (possibly with a replay attached with a time-mark where the game lags for you), I can look at it and see if there are any optimization issues.

Q3: Can I disable the new effects while still playing in the same game as people with the effects on? (without disabling the mod itself)
A: No, you cannot, not for now at least. In theory a toggle is possible but it still needs a lot of work.

Q4: Compatibility with other mods?
A: I honestly have no idea. I need people to test this and report.

Q4.5: Is compatibility with Nomads planned?
A: Yes. When they are integrated, not before. If I were to do it before (without being sure they ever will be integrated at all) it would be a huge amount of work for not much profit to others who are expecting updates for the original factions' explosions.

Q5: Does the mod change any gameplay aspects of FA?
A: Yes, but only very slightly. All it affects is that some buildings take a little longer to explode, as do some experimentals. The only exception to that are seraphim buildings which explode in a shorter amount of time than without the mod, thus actually making the amount of time it takes for them to explode more or less the same across all factions. Other than that it changes nothing. Overall, the effect on gameplay is extremely minor.

Q6: How many new effects does the mod add?
A: Currently, the mod contains 291 unique effects.

Q7: Does this mod affect unit models, animations and textures?
A: No, it does not. Maybe in the future there will be some custom animations, but models and textures for units are and will pobably always stay unchanged.

Q8: Does this mod affect other effects besides unit death explosions?
A: Yes, but only one or two weapon effects are different. It also affects (optimizes) some effects that you usually don't notice (for example dirt and mud getting thrown around while units move, crater textures etc... In the future however I plan on also working on some weapon explosions as well.

EDIT 1: Added replay with the first changes to the explosions. (all were made smaller, Cybran explosion animates faster)

EDIT 2 (2nd March 2014): (Yes, I'm keeping track of changes by dates, so people don't get confused :) ) Tweaked Cybran explosion more. Made small adjustments to scale for all techs. Redone sparks on UEF explosion. Added "shot down" trails and factional explosions for air units.

EDIT 3: Added first combat demonstration replay (same version as 2nd March 2014) Will not work anymore due to version change, will upload new combat demonstration soon.

EDIT 4: (15th March 2014): Tweaked Cybran and UEF explosions slightly, majorly optimized the seraphim explosion,.
***First test of Experimental explosions (yes, they are over the top right now, it's just a proof of concept for now. For now, they use generic fireball explosions.)

EDIT 5: Added an actual game replay, it's mostly T1 stage, a little bit of T2. Cybran vs Seraphim. Thanks to Ceneraii.

EDIT 6: Added 5 more actual games, 3v3 teamgames. All factions, most tech levels, air included. Thanks to Ceneraii, Sheeo, Cyko, Barad-dur, Gorton, HansGruber, DukeOfEarl.

EDIT 7: (22nd March 2014):*Fire added to UEF explosion *Slight change to the charge on the Cybran unit explosions (longer lifetime) *Re-addition of the debris (they were accidentally removed) *Reduced emission rate on "fall down" particles when planes are shot down *Slight scale adjustments for each tech. (slightly bigger for T1, slightly smaller for T2 and T3 was left the same)

EDIT 8: (23rd March 2014):*Slight change in air unit trails as they fall down when destroyed. Reduced emission rate and lifetime for most to avoid high particle counts. The mod is now available on the vault as a standalone! Search for "rks_explosions"

EDIT 9: (27th March 2014):*Changed UEF explosion fire particle *Greatly improved the way explosions look with bloom off. *Airplane fall-down effect emission rate reduced *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V2

EDIT 10: (31st March 2014):*Added factional damage effects for planes (when they are damaged but not dead) *Aeon explosions are no longer 2D *Slight scale tweaking for Cybran T1 explosion *Slight optimization of the Cybran shot-down trail. *Disabled logging (should stop the game from freezing for a few seconds when many units die at once, and remove stutters in massive battles) *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V3

EDIT 11: (13th April 2014):*Added naval factional explosions. *Further optimized aircraft fall-down trails *Tweaked the "fake bloom" settings when bloom is switched off *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V4

EDIT 12: (15th April 2014):*Added building factional explosions. *Factionalized navy/building debris *Slight changes to the oil slick *Hopefully fixed the see-through-FoW particles. Let me know how this fix turns out. *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V5

EDIT 13: (25th April 2014):*Added experimental factional explosions. *Some changes to the oil slick (bigger texture, more transparent) *Fixed the see-through-FoW particles. *-Slight randomness introduced for explosion scale. The explosion size is randomly multiplied by a random number between and including 0.9 to 1.1, to make slight variation in multiple explosions of the same unit. *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V6

EDIT 14: (10th August 2014):*Added air experimental factional explosions. *Fixed planes burning while sinking *Improved performance on most effects *Imroved fire and smoke texture *Made differences between explosions of different tech levels more apparent (see main post about V7 V2 for this) *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V7 V2

EDIT 15: (8th January 2015):*Overhauled all explosions *Streamlined code *Got rid of most placeholder effects *Fixed many bugs and also some that existed in FAF already *Integrated toggle for stock and factional explosions *Uploaded to the vault as rks_explosions V8

EDIT 16: (14th July 2016):The project has been cancelled until further notice.

EDIT 17: (8th November 2017):The project has been revived, speed2 fixed 99% of the mod so it works with 3690.
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby ZaZen » 26 Feb 2014, 01:50

Can you make a replay where you explode them individually, its alot of time repeating the replay to view them all.

Looks good on the face of it though.
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby RK4000 » 26 Feb 2014, 01:56

Alright, here's a replay with them exploding individually.

Look at the first post for updated replay.
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby ColonelSheppard » 26 Feb 2014, 01:59

Hmm very cool, especially UEF (not actually but i have to be positive about UEF whenever i can)
but it's too big for the techlevels, like the current is t1 would fit better on t2 and t2 on t3 and t3 on t4 etc.. xD
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby Lame » 26 Feb 2014, 02:03

t2 and t3 look a little too big imo

cybran explosions look weird somehow especially t3
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby RaptorJesus » 26 Feb 2014, 02:06

I definitely like the T1 and T2, although the T3 explosions look a bit extreme, almost like they should belong to TML or artillery shots.
It would get crazy if you were loosing T3 in large numbers, but I do like the direction this is going

Are you going to do anything to building and commander explosions?
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby Nombringer » 26 Feb 2014, 02:13

:D finally RK!

Yes it looks great, and yes the explosions need to be smaller :D
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby RK4000 » 26 Feb 2014, 02:48

Uploaded replay with the first series of changes. Look at the first post for the changes and replay.
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby Myxir » 26 Feb 2014, 15:18

they look nice, but i think they should be limited to energy consuming units only, at least these explosions look like something like that
for just normal stuff, it's a bit too much imo
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Re: New explosion FX's

Postby Ze_PilOt » 26 Feb 2014, 16:25

Not a bad idea, that would make more variety in the explosions too.
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