List of deletion for obsolete/outdated/broken mods

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List of deletion for obsolete/outdated/broken mods

Postby Zerzetzung1 » 25 Jan 2020, 20:06

It has come to my attention that the vault is crawling with mods that does not work anymore. Still people try to use them with devastating consequences ie. desync, d/c etc. Maybe it's time to clean up the vault from these trash mods?

I will update the list if more comes to my attention or if you post them to this thread.

Code: Select all
Global Commanders
Commander AA capability
Commanders Revenge FA
Commanders Revenge FA Working
Commanders Revenge FA UEF,Cybran,Aeon,Seraphim
The Flame Commander
Supreme Commander Campaign Branch
Economic Warfare
4th Dimension Unit Cap 1.0
4th Dimension Explosions 2.1
4th Dimension 2.11
4th Dimension 2.12
Total Mayhem 1.20
Total Rebalanced Mayhem
Hawk's Unit Pack for FA
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Re: List of deletion for obsolete/outdated/broken mods

Postby biass » 26 Jan 2020, 08:26

I think most this stuff is already handled by the Map and Mod team, just that there is an issue with the mod vault specifically, I'm not sure on the details right now.

You should join the MnM discord, if I remember when I'm home I'll edit this post with the link
Map thread:

Petricpwnz wrote:biass on his campaign to cleanse and remake every single map of FAF because he is an untolerating reincarnation of mapping hitler
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Re: List of deletion for obsolete/outdated/broken mods

Postby Uveso » 26 Jan 2020, 22:03

Discord - Maps and Mods Team Server:
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