Fireworks - A fork of RK's Explosions v9

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Fireworks - A fork of RK's Explosions v9

Postby D4rkstalker » 24 Aug 2019, 09:43

What is this?
This is a modified version of Rks Explosions v9, not a continuation.
This mod of a mod aims to provide mod support to Rks Explosions and make the explosions more realistic by doing damage instead of being purely visual.

Download from the mod vault as "Fireworks v1"

Changes from the "Vanilla" mod
-Modded experimentals will also use the new explosion effects*
Illuminate's Pride (TotalMayhem)
Pride.png (1.67 MiB) Viewed 2080 times

-"New" explosion fx for UEF air and Seraphim Land experimentals
Pummeler (TheDiaryFarm)
Pummeler.png (1.04 MiB) Viewed 2080 times

-Land units, structures and transports now use the new damage effects
Structure.png (1.11 MiB) Viewed 2080 times

-Explosion will do damage scaled to the unit's size, tech level and explosion size
-Air Crash damage is now calculated instead of predefined

*Some mods have overridden the OnKilled method to implement custom death animations, which prevents the new fx from displaying. A quick work around would be modifying the unit's script to call the default OnKilled method
Known conflicts so far:
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Re: Fireworks - A fork of RK's Explosions v9

Postby speed2 » 19 Mar 2020, 22:03

Alright, so first you came to RKs thread and asked if you can upload changes to it. I told you to do so in the RKs git repo. For that you said its more of a fork and that was the end of all conversation. You never recieved any permission. And you went straight ahead and stole the code. You could have made RKs explosion mod as a requirement for your mod and everything would be ok, but instead you just took the whole code. So I'll ask to remove your mod from the vault.
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Re: Fireworks - A fork of RK's Explosions v9

Postby Morax » 20 Mar 2020, 22:34

This modification is not allowed as it did not get the original author's consent.
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