New Mod:My first Unit pack 30+Units [UEF only, currently]

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Re: New Mod:My first Unit pack 30+Units [UEF only, currently

Postby Degulum » 10 Nov 2019, 02:28

DDDX wrote:damn...of all the spoilers I was only able to open the Dreadnought. Others were empty for some reason.

BTW I have an idea for you to make. In the old Total Annihilation game there was a custom tank unit called "Sloth".

Basically it was an extremely slow (the slowest unit in game), very long range, very armored (big hp), very big splash, very big damage unit. The projectile flew very quickly and in a straight line, to impact an area with a big explosion and a decent splash.

HOWEVER. It was sooooo slowwww...... + the rate of fire was terrible...took over 25 seconds between 2 shots. And the unit and the turret turned so slowly, a fast unit could make circles around it never getting it was actually really balanced despite seeming overpowered. Was one of the better balanced units, actually...

Hey thank you for the recommendation, but i already have a similar unit: The Pakwagen can 2 hit an ACU but it fires and moves very slowly
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Re: New Mod:My first Unit pack 30+Units [UEF only, currently

Postby CDRMV » 25 Nov 2019, 09:57

Hello Degulum,
I'm CDRMV the Creator of the Future Battlefield Pack Modproject.

Welcome to the Modding Community of Forged Alliance. :)

You Mod looks really interesting and I will Check it out soon. Currently I have start to work on my own Mod after a long break. Which 3D Program do you use for creating your 3D Models?

Tip for fix Bug and Issues:
Use the Uveso Debugger tool, which check out you Mod during the Game. Is shows you in a additional Window all Bugs and Issues directly. So it should be really helpful for you. Contact Uveso to get this tool. :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Best regards
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