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Re: Speed School of FAF

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2016, 15:17
by speed2
Ill try to comment on my side. I have a hard time actually knowing where to look. For example, the ACU and fac were idle because i was busy looking after bomber and trying to avoid any AA when i see it or find a good isolated engies. And when i do i find it hard to divert my attention elsewhere.

Single bomber won't win you the game, so qeue some targer and go back to managing your base, if you have to choose betweek whole idle base or wasted bomber. The choice should be obvious.

Also i genuinely belived there's more than a single entry on the base and could not reclaim the big rock but good to know you can do it though.

If you're fast enough you can qeue up your BO for ACU in few seconds which gives you almost half a minute before your first engineer is done to look around the map.

I built 2 pstorages instead of one when i realised im behind on units so i could OC clumped units and negate an advantage until its overwhelming, and yeah, gun rush was planned, its just.. could not do it soon enough with powerstall.

You won't be able to catch up with OCs, it can give you an advantage, but not that you would dominate with it. You'll thow 2 OCs and you emptied your power storage. And in order to be able OC every 3.3 seconds (reload time)
you would need +1500 power income which is unreal so early in the game.
In the end though i think i would've fare better with sweeping the army south instead of throwing it through the gauntlet in the middle or maybe should've get a tac on standby. I went with com to the right side hoping on baiting him out of the turret coverage, because i realised that im far behind on eco, map control, and he invested so much mass in the base in the middle so i needed to at least try to attack else the percies hit. I mean im dead for sure already so why the hell not?
It did not worked, sadly, though he actually lost his units and had to pull back his com with a ~3k hitpoints.

Sorry didn't get that far :D if you lost, all in attack/snipe is always a good choice.

I play w/o mods so knowing where the most of the reclaim is requires a decent map knowledge.

No mod will show you this. There is integrated function that displays mass on the map when you press Ctrl+Shift (might need to enable it in the options - interface). It doesn't show some of the initial rocks with low mass vaule (still high enough to reclaim them) but it will show any wreck later on.

Also, when i tried to set up an attack move from the fac the engie goes there but does not reclaim things in that big range. Whats the trick on getting it right?

Left Alt + Right click - but it won't work if you have nearly full storage, engineers are smart and won't overflow by themselves.

And on the matter of t2 mexes - i know it sounds odd but how do you know when enemy is going for them? I mean.. yeah, i should scout and i do but maybe i need to do it more often. In other plays i noticed that mexes go darker on color though they are still marked as t1 if there's no radar coverage. How this works exactly?

By scouting you can spot mex that is being upgraded, it looks different visually, so need to zoom in. Usually core mexes are upgraded first so you don't need to check every single mex on the map.

Re: Speed School of FAF

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2016, 15:19
by speed2
To everyone else, with no offense this thread is for my answers, discuss the replays in PMs or in some others threads, thank you.

Re: Speed School of FAF

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2017, 19:26
by speed2
There won't be any more videos, instead of that I work on this this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12440