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Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2017, 23:15
by nine2
Only smart select can do subtractive categories.

So he can do it.

He wants to select all land except scouts.

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2017, 21:01
by ZeRenCZ
I made shortcut for selection UEF drone if anyone want:

['Select UEF drones on screen'] = {
order = 32,
action = 'UI_SelectByCategory +inview STATIONASSISTPOD',
category = 'Custom Keys'

['Select all UEF drones'] = {
order = 33,
action = 'UI_SelectByCategory STATIONASSISTPOD',
category = 'Custom Keys'

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2018, 21:37
by R_Charger
For the mobile direct fire units -scout :

Spoiler: show
['Select mobile land direct fire units on screen'] = {
order = 8,
action = 'UI_Lua import("/lua/keymap/smartSelection.lua").smartSelect ("+inview +excludeengineers MOBILE LAND DIRECTFIRE OVERLAYDIRECTFIRE -SCOUT")',
category = 'All land onscreen'

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2018, 00:26
by Nojoke185

Hopefully the below will be of use to someone…?

I took the principal of these unit selections commands and have created a bunch of my own unit selection presets
These allow selection of all sorts of individual unit/structure types, or groups of similar units/structures
The main groupings/categories I have used to try to keep this organized are:

• All Builders – (all units)
o T1/T2/T3 engy (idle or busy)
o Hive/Kennel & Pods
o SACU (idle or busy)
o Select all power users (stealth/shield/sensors/fabs/optics)

• On screen Builders (as above but only for units currently in view)

• All Factories (all)
o All factories
o T1 Factories
o T2 HQ’s
o T3 HQ’s
o T2/T3 Support Factories
o Gateways
o Idle factories

• Land Factories (in current view)
o T1
o T2 HQ
o T2 Support
o All T2 Factories (HQ and Support)
o T3 HQ
o T3 Support
o All T3 Factories (HQ and Support)
o All Land factories

• Air Factories (in current view) – same as per land above

• Naval Factories (in current view) – same as per land above

• Land units (in current view)
o Scouts/labs
o Direct fire (T1/T2/T3/All)
o Arty (T1/T3)
o Rangebot
o Mobile AA (T1/Flak/Mobile SAM/All)
o Sniper
o Absolver
o Mobile shield (T2/T3)
o Mobile stealth
o Mobile bomb
o All T1 land (not engineer)
o All T2 Land (not engineer)
o All T3 Land (not engineer)
o All Land (not engineer)

• Air Units (in current view)
o T1 Scouts (includes units not in current view)
o T3 Scouts
o All Scouts
o T1 Fighters
o T2 Fighters
o T3 Fighters
o All Fighters
o T1 Bombers
o T2 Bombers
o T3 Bombers/Strats
o All Bombers
o T1 Gunships
o T2 Gunships
o T3 Gunships
o All Gunships
o T2 Torp bomber
o T3 Torp bomber
o All Torp bombers
o Mercy
o T1 Transports (includes units not in current view)
o T2 Transports (includes units not in current view)
o T3 Transports (includes units not in current view)
o All Transports (includes units not in current view)
o All T1 Air
o All T2 Air
o All T3 Air
o All Air

• Naval Units (in current view)
o Frigates
o Destroyers/Battlecruiser
o Cruisers/T1 AA Ship
o T1 Subs
o T2/T3 Subs
o All Subs
o Nuke Subs
o Battleships
o Support ships (stealth boat/shield boat/missile ship)
o Carriers
o All T1 Navy
o All T2 Navy
o All T3 Navy
o All Navy

• Buildings (ECO) – All units
o T1 Mex
o T2 Mex
o T3 Mex
o All Mex
o T1 Power/Hydro
o T2 Power
o T3 Power
o Energy storage
o Mass storage
o T2 Mass Fab
o T3 Mass Fab
o All Mass Fab
o Paragon

• Buildings (Weapons) – all units
o T1 PD
o T2 PD
o T3 PD
o All PD
o Nuke
o Artillery
o T3 Artillery

• Buildings (Defense) – all units
o T1 Static AA
o T2 Static Flak
o All AA
o T1 Static Torp launchers
o T2 Static Torp launchers
o T3 Static Torp launchers
o All Static Torp launchers
o Stealth field
o T2 Shield
o T3 Shield
o All Shield
o Walls
o Air Staging

• Buildings (Sensors) – all units
o T1 Radar
o T2 Radar
o Omni
o All Radar
o T1 Sonar
o T2 Sonar
o T3 Sonar
o All Sonar
o Optics (Eye/Soothsayer)
o All Sensors

Problem with all of this is there are so many key combo’s to recall and allocate it becomes hard to remember them all
To address this I have done the below:

1 – created a key combo excel sheet to track which command is set to which keys (as per the in game F1 menu). This doesn’t include everything but does cover main new selection commands I have created (as per above list) and orders/abilities/game controls
2 – used a voice command program to allow your spoken voice to activate/execute these selections. I used This can be purchased for around $10 or local equivalent (via steam or standalone)

The voice command application allows an extra degree of control, you can use it to execute the above commands, but in addition you can also combine functions/commands to perform multiple actions

• Say pause engy. Command does : select all onscreen engy, pause 0.1 seconds then toggle the pause command on the selected units
• Say power save. Command does : selects and then toggles on/off : shield/stealth/fabs/sensors/optics

All of this with no mouse movement needed

You can play around with these settings and add more commands as you require
Unit/Structure orders and abilities can also be manipulated as per key assignments in F1 menu

Overall this is a very powerful suite and works with good accuracy
If it is of any interest to aid someone to get this setup, I have attached the below files to get you started (took me several days of testing/checking to get it all setup), It’s fairly easy to adapt or add to

1 – Voice Attack Prefs File.txt - a custom set of my selection commands in a text file which can be added/inserted into your own game.prefs file (separated into general categories as listed above). You will need to insert these individual commands into your own game.prefs file ( ... e.txt?dl=0)

2 – Voice Attack.xlsx - an excel sheet showing for each command/selection what key combo’s are allocated in the F1 game menu (or in voice attack program). Use this to log your own key bindings. Use the doc to tie the game key bindings into the voice attack commands (to ensure they match) ( ... .xlsx?dl=0)

3 – Forged Alliance Forever-Profile.vap - an export of my voice attack forged alliance game profile (voice control software). Allows voice interaction with commands in game F1 menu allocation. You can import this into your own copy of the software ( ... e.vap?dl=0)


Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2018, 00:34
by nine2

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2019, 20:09
by theblearyeyed
Anyone know how to create a shortcut that selects regular T2 Engineer without selecting Sparky?

I have working shortcut for Sparky and also for all T2 Engineers, but to build power etc, have to click through UI's 'Selection and Storage' to select ordinary T2 Engineer.

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 00:09
by Nojoke185
havent tested it but maybe something like this:

['T2 Engy'] = {action = 'UI_SelectByCategory TECH2 LAND ENGINEER MOBILE RECLAIMABLE PRODUCTSC1 BUILTBYTIER2FACTORY', category = 'Builders', order = 1,},

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 00:34
by theblearyeyed
That worked! Thanks.
I couldn't work out how to exclude anything from the modifiers and categories, only how to include.
For future reference/learning, what part of the entry you posted actually excludes Sparky from selection?

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 00:54
by Nojoke185
glad it worked


they are categories present in all T2 engy blueprints but not part of sparky catergories
as such they exclude the sparky

Re: How to: Make new keyboard shortcuts

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 01:18
by theblearyeyed
Is all the blueprint info publicly available? Seems like a good resource to have.

On the first page of this thread someone asked where they are found but got no reply as they found the info themselves.