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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby GuardianH27 » 03 Oct 2015, 16:01

Not much to say here except poor map control and tactics.

I would really appreciate feedback for tactics; Eco and tier transition.
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby Purelukk » 04 Oct 2015, 18:07


It looks like you have a pretty good grasp of the game mechanics. Your initial build order was ok. Economy control was also ok. You responded to potential stalls well and kept your income at least on the positive side throughout the game but that is hard to quantify as you have so much idle production (see below).

The biggest issue I see is idle engineers and factories.

Do you realize that your second land factory did not produce a single unit the entire game? You even upgraded it to T2 (the support version – kudos :D ) but produced no units from it. Your first land factory was not much better. It produced two scouts, ten engineers, upgrade to T2HQ, two T2 engys, idle for 3-4 mins, two flapjacks, upgrade to T3 (game over by then). Factories are pretty useless if they don’t produce something. I have never been able to get them to shoot a damn thing! :o Set up a build que (on repeat) as soon as the engineer gets the factory template on the ground.

It is absolutely critical that you maximize productivity out of your early engineers. At minute five you have ten engineers on the map. Six of them are idle. You could have established a lot more map control (ie – claimed mass points) much earlier if you had put them to work right away. Have them build something (mass points are the first priority), put them on reclaim, or set them to assist factories.

You also want to make use of the idle production menu. This is the little set of buttons right under the score window (top right). Get yourself in the habit of glancing at it a couple of times a minute. Ideally you want to see only your commander there (with no exclamation point on his icon, the exclamation point means he is idle). Any production unit that is idle on the map will show up here. Put them to work!

As far as overall strategy goes I would work on map control as a concept. The name of the game is establishing map control while denying your opponent the same. You should take a look at every map and say to yourself, ok half is mine and half is his. Go get your half and go kill his engineers that are going for his half. Actually a strategy that I have found extremely effective is to try to take 75% of the map. If you succeed it is very difficult to lose a game with that much map control. If you fail chances are that you will take at least your half if not more.

The two early land scouts you sent out are a step in the right direction. The goal is not really intel at that point but rather finding and killing his early expanding engineers. To that end consider sending out a tank with that scout. Have the scout assist the tank so that he follows along behind the tank and therefore has a better chance of survival. Send them to the fifth or sixth mass point he will likely be going for and kill the engineer that inevitably shows up. You want to send out two groups of these raid teams (one to each side of his base) because more than likely he will use his commander to take one side and there’s not much you can do against him (run if you can). The other side will be an engineer which you can snipe.

It appears that you are struggling with the sheer volume of multitasking required. Don’t worry, that will come with time and practice. Just keep playing and use the tools the game has (idle production menu, repeat build orders, etc.) to make the orders you have time to give more effective.

Keep playing and above all HAVE FUN!

Happy hunting.
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby MoonXizt » 08 Oct 2015, 12:36

Just getting into the game and really enjoying it , however its very difficult to learn. this is recent ladder game and im looking for some general tips and advice.
also im not sure if its normal for the rating to be this spread (180 vs 800) but i didn't really feel that far behind whilst playing but looking at it after it was clear that i really failed to keep up.
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby JaggedAppliance » 08 Oct 2015, 21:12

First thing you should do on most of these 10x10 land maps is get some land spam going, send your tanks to your expansions to defend and attack your opponent's expansions. Early transport is nice but a bit risky if it gets shot down. You can drop units in the transport individually by loading them in and then clicking the unit you want to drop on the bottom bar of the ui. Hold shift to queue the orders. It's especially useful on that map with its many plateaus.

Your commander is your most powerful weapon early game. Use it to secure an expansion. On this map the 3 mexes directly up from your base are easy to secure with the com. To save time, queue up a lot of orders with your engies. E.g. send an engy to take the mex on your right, then the 3 past that one and then maybe a fac, radar, pd etc. That way your engies won't waste much time and you won't have to concentrate too much on them.

Main problem 5 mins in is a lack of facs. You need to start spamming facs to spend that mass that you're overflowing. Your primary aim is to get your side of the map so you need tanks to claim it and hold it vs your enemy. Your first fac should build engies and some tanks, then when you have another fac up to spam tanks, your 1st fac should just build engies constantly for the rest of the game. Then you'll have build power to build more facs, more power, reclaim stuff etc.

Unfortunately the game was more or less over after the start, you need to expand quicker, get facs quicker, use your mass quicker basically. If you can grab your side of the map and put all your mass into tanks you'll go up in rating quite quickly. Keep playing and post some more replays when you want more feedback. GL&HF :D
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby Tomalak » 10 Oct 2015, 04:15

Okay, here are two games in a row which I really feel I should have won. Why the hell did I lose (either of) them?

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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby Tomalak » 10 Oct 2015, 04:16

Here is the other one...
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby angus000 » 10 Oct 2015, 11:55

Tomalak wrote:Here is the other one...

In this one,

What you did right:

Attacking your enemy's economy early on.
Reacting to enemy air with your own.
Not stalling power.
Gaining map control at every stage of the game.

What you did wrong:

Not spaming factories at the beginning. (Had you make more facts and tanks, you would have won at the beginning).
Not reacting fast enough to the absence of enemy commander to defend his base and thus you atacking it. (Your commander was near his base, his commader had to walk all the way towards your base, yet, he still attacked your base first).
Not reacting properly to enemy commander assaulting your base. (2 pds in the middle of your base would have driven him away)
Building pgs in hostile territory. (This is fatal)
Queuing way more pg that would have needed.
Sending less than 20 units against an enemy acu. (You need at least 20 to kill a sole acu)
Not sending your full-health commander to finish off the enemy commander with half its life.
Attacking with no enough units to make real damage at min 19, and you repeated the same later on.
Building t2 artillery. (It's almost never worth it)
Making too much t2 power. (2 is generally enough)
Not using t2 air when you were overflowing so much power. (You didn't need 12 corsairs as your enemy to win the game, you would have won with a few)
Not scouting for enemy plans.
Not making tmd at the end.

You had the lead in the entire game, you should have won; but you were sniped, these things happen. You should have suspected when the enemy was on t2 air.

You did pretty well anyways. Your most critical mistakes were to make power in enemy territory (even though you didn't lose because of this) and not starting t1 spam.
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby Purelukk » 10 Oct 2015, 18:52


Why are you ignoring the Hydrocarbon(s)?

A Hydro puts out 100 energy, a T1 pgen puts out 20 energy.
Therefore a Hydro is worth 5 pgens in terms of energy production.

The construction costs are:

Mass - 160
Energy - 800
Time - 1:20

Pgen x 5:
Mass - 375
Energy - 3,750 (wow!)
Time - 2:05

So to get the same energy production as a Hydro out of T1 pgens you have to spend 215 more mass, 2,950 more energy, and it takes 45 secs longer.

Try this early build order:
Commander: Lfact, 2 x pgen, 2 x Mex, assist Hydro
1st Engy: straight to Hydro
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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby bcokert » 10 Oct 2015, 20:10


I've been a long time on and off player, but lately I've picked up ranked games a bit more. I'm trying to break through the noob bubble, where you feel like you know all the important pieces but can't seem to put them together effectively. My ranking says it's 1200 but I think 800-900 would be more accurate.

I've been doing ok with 1v1 on small maps. It's large maps and non-land roles that I have trouble with. Here's a replay on seton's that I'd love analyzed. As you can see MnB was reaming on me, but I don't really know what to focus on. I think the biggest issues were:
    Not coordinating timely with regards to RAS
    Not building many engies for 1 teched up naval yard (I had a few t2 ones with a handful of engies, most pro replays I see have 1 t3 with tonnes of engies)
    Not taking the island earlier (didn't realize I had left air advantage)
    Building too much air (Previously on rock I built no air, which was also a bad idea. Think I just over corrected. Also t2 torpedo bombers were a waste)
    I feel I screwed up the transition from t2 to t3 econ, but I'm not sure how to adjust it

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Re: Replay Analysis Thread

Postby Reaper Zwei » 10 Oct 2015, 20:49

Tomalak wrote:Okay, here are two games in a row which I really feel I should have won. Why the hell did I lose (either of) them?


Well lets see first of all I'd say you were too slow on getting started. It didn't matter that much against this opponent but when you fight higher level guys it will. You move out with your commander after only building a fac and a couple pgens. You should have built all of the mexs and the hydro as well as get at least one more fac before moving out.

On a side note when sending out mantis send a scout with them so you can more easily see where units are.

Second I'd say you lacked intel both in scouting and radar. Check out your opponents radar coverage its more along the lines of what you should have had as well. It will give you the knowledge of where you should and shouldn't be sending your troops. There was a few times you sent troops into places they shouldn't have gone and then you lost the entire force.

Third you didn't grab all the mexs on your side of the map. your opponent didnt either but once again as you face higher level guys this will matter more. Also reclaim, you had tons of mass right in front of many of the areas you controlled throughout the game but you just left it there. Just send an engy or 5 on an attack move(hold down alt while placing a move command) and you'll get tons of mass before you know it. Also hold down shift and ctrl at the same time to see all the reclaim above 15-20 mass value on the map(needs to be enabled in options under the interface tab and scroll all the way down).

Forth you need more factories. 4 land facs is not enough. Here again look at what your opponent had. He had 9 land facs so lots more tanks getting built then you. Also once he got t2 he upgraded all his facs to t2 which you didn't.
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