Star citizen FREE FLIGHT

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Star citizen FREE FLIGHT

Postby DDDX » 24 Nov 2019, 22:12

Greetings, fellow gamers!

From today till next sunday a free-flight event is taking place.
If you are curious about the state of this "scam", you can go in, dl for free and see for yourself the state of the game and ships and planets, moons and other bodies in it.

What i HIGHLY recommend is jumping to the moon of Yella, exploring the vast asteroid field there, landing on it just near the area that is dawning/sunsetting, and observing the comming darkness or sunrize and shaddow play.
Visiting Hurston planet, landing wherever you want and exploring the surface (the terrain and plant details are very nice) and riding the Loreville city metro, visiting ArkCorp planet and the Area18 landing zone, going to the shopping district...
The game's scale is extreme, in terms of distances and dimensions.

There's a list of which ships will be available which day to try out. brings the Starfarer - a pretty large refueling ship, brings the few alien ships we have, grants you the Hammerhead- a massive gunship, and from 2.12. to 12. you get the Aegis Reclaimer - a massive salvaging ship, Drake Catterpillar (a mid size cargo hauler), and the Hammerhead.

Here's the link for more information, go check it out, you will not be disappointed. ... ly-Details
Check out my 2 maps: "Survival_Mayhem&BO_3d_v1" "Survival_Mayhem&BO_3d_RPG"
as well as my mod: "Survival Mayhem&BO balance"
-- let me know of any bugs or issues regarding those 3.
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