Random thoughts about SUPCOM and Total Annihilation

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Random thoughts about SUPCOM and Total Annihilation

Postby charliefirpo » 12 Feb 2018, 19:20

I've always been a fan of TA, started playing in 1997 when it came out(i still own the discs) and tossed thousands of hours in it.
Then SUPCOM came out and switched to it in 2008-2009.

SUPCOM is an incredible game, balanced, deep, tactical and more suited for multiplayer but for me TA has a special place in my heart and I miss lot of things about it.
For example the fantastic soundtrack, I love it!! And the sounds of units and weapons. You could hear artillery fire from other side of the map and firefights were extremely loud(I remember my mother saying 'where am I?ww2?').
Also most maps were a lot cooler I think. Some were full of trees/holes and vehicles couldn't move well(you had to use infantry), some were full of cover so bombers/artillery were nearly useless and finally the metal world where you could build extractors everywhere.

You thoughts??
Did you play the original TA??
If yes, which one do you like more and why??
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Re: Random thoughts about SUPCOM and Total Annihilation

Postby nubtrap » 12 Feb 2018, 22:58

if you get a chance, check out Balanced Annihilation (https://balancedannihilation.com/) on the Spring engine for a modern incarnation of TA with all the cool features you remember and more :)

promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeZYghUPU-s

and here's a few recent example game casts to wet your appetite even further:

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Re: Random thoughts about SUPCOM and Total Annihilation

Postby Franck83 » 13 Feb 2018, 16:46

Did play it, was fantastic.

Some TA features are missing in vanilla supcom (construction aircrafts, mines !, tech 2 walls) (of course they can be added by mods).

Balanced Annihilation did a great job to recreate the TA ambiance (i would like a more minimalistic ui but that pretty nice).
Impressive 6vs6vs6vs6 battle. 24 players in the same battle. Wonder if supcom can handle that....

Alliance of Heroes Mod is out ! Try it ! It's in the Mod Vault !
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