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Re: What CPU would you pick for FA?

Postby Katharsas » 28 Jan 2018, 15:21

The best CPU for Supcom is the i3-7350K (don't now if there is an equivalent in 8xxx series).

It's a dual core that is supposed to be overclocked to like 5 GHz (which is possible with this CPU, no water cooling needed). It's utterly rediculous in anything single-threaded. But of course it sucks in anything not single-threaded. So yeah.

Look at the real world speed graph: http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/In ... 3937vs3889

You can see the people who overclock it and the people who don't. The difference is massive. You can also see, that the average user gets 8% less single-threaded performance than the average 8700k user. This means, if you overclock it (which should be much easier than for 8700k, becasue it has only 2 core, not 6), it will be faster than a 8700k (single-threaded).

Of course, you should not buy it unless you plan to use your PC ONLY for Supcom. With only i mean ONLY, NOTHING ELSE, not internet, no work, just SupCom.

Edit: i3-7350K OCed ST is still better than i3-8350K, because 8350K has 4 cores... so yeah, there is no equivalent in the 8xxx series. But of course, the 8350K would be overall much better (MT).
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