1 year

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1 year

Postby Lieutenant Lich » 02 Jan 2017, 04:30

Today is exactly one year since I started playing FAF. It was quite an interesting year, looking forward to a better one.
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Re: 1 year

Postby Flynn » 09 Jan 2017, 00:31

Tell me about it, Jan 2013 I started, can't believe it's 3 years already! 2013 feels like yesterday :o
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Re: 1 year

Postby Beastmode » 09 Jan 2017, 14:26

I have been around the supcom PC community since the very end of 2010 (late december) and have been apart of FAF when it was still new and being ran by fellas like Ze_Pil0t and Reddev32... Yet I am still epic shit-tier!

Oh how time flies... :roll:

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