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Postby RocketRooster » 11 Nov 2016, 05:34

Morax wrote:
RocketRooster wrote:I, for one, would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the American people for a very entertaining clown show.

Have fun when other countries in Europe leave the EU and the conservative parties gain more power! You think this was a clown show wait until you see what happens over there for you :D

The arrogance of people like this who think they know anything about the US is hilarious. Have you been here before and worked with anyone? What besides your news and media in EU do you have as a source for this belief?

Quite apart from the fact that I'm not from the EU to begin with, you're being foolish if you expect me to deliver peer reviewed evidence that the 2016 elections have been a clown show. All you need are eyes to see.

But apparently one can only have a coherent opinion on the USA if one is American, is that it?

I hate to disappoint, but Fox news doesn't broadcast here. :lol:
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