Civilian Defense Version TWO

Civilian Defense Version TWO

Postby FunkOff » 26 May 2013, 06:16

Civilian Defense has largely been re-designed, pay attention to the new description!

TEAMS ARE BASED ON FACTION: Be the same faction as your allies, and remember that the defenders must be the same faction as the civilians!

Defender operations:
-Step 1: Build trucks from any tech 1 land factory!
-Step 2: Move trucks near to civilian structures! They will automatically load onto trucks!
-Step 3: Build a defense beacon. Only the ACU can do this!
-Step 4: Move the trucks to the beacon. They will slowly, but automatically evacuate!
-Step 5: Use resource advantage to defeat the attacker! You will receive resources from the beacon when it is alive, after civilians have been evacuated. Use this to overpower the attacker!

Attacker operations:
-Step 1: Build a beacon! It will automatically call reinforcements to aid in your attack!
-Step 2: Destroy the civilian structures! Your reinforcement rate increases for every kil!
-Step 3: Inhibit the defender's evac operations. If you can destroy enough civilians, you can win this way!

Extra details:
-You can only have 1 beacon at a time, defender or attacker. If you make another, your previous one will de-spawn due to quantum interference.
-Balance details below:
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      AttackInitialSpawnRate = 1.4, #mass/sec equivolent
      AttackSpawnTechMultiplier = 1.5, #multiplier based on tech level
      AttackAdditionalspawnRate = 0.01, #additional mass/sec equivolent reinforcements per kill
      CivilianStructureStartingHealth = 4000,
      CivilianStructureEvacTime = 2, #seconds for 1 civilian to get from building to truck
      CivilianStructureCapacity = 20, #number of points it's worth to kill
      CivilianTruckCapacity = 10, #number of civilian passengers a truck can carry
      CivilianTruckEvacTime = 20, #seconds for a civilian truck to complete warping off-planet
      DefenseBecauseEvacuationDelay = 10, #the defense beacon evacs trucks once every this number of seconds
      RespawnDelayTime = 10, #number of seconds your army is stunned after teleporting away from a killing blow
      MandatoryMustSurviveFactor = 0.8, #in an even game, how many civilians must survive per civilian that started
      DefenderIncomePerEvacMass = 0.05, #how much mass income the defenders gets per civilian evacuated
      DefenderIncomePerEvacEnergy = 0.5, #how much energy income the defenders gets per civilian evacuated
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Re: Civilian Defense Version TWO

Postby Hawkei » 14 Jun 2013, 10:06

Are there any limitations on where the beacons can be constructed? If my ACU is already defending the civilians, I could build the beacon right next to the civilian buildings.
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