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Goodbye phpBB

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2020, 23:27
by Brutus5000
In August 2011 this phpBB forum was launched (oldest post here). Back then phpBB was one of the best bulletin boards you could get for free. Now, 9 years later, the world is a different one, but somehow our forum is still frozen in time. After a lot of issues with spam, security vulnerabilities and most recently severe outages for no ovious reason, the time has come to let go of it.

A few generation of bulletin boards has passed already and we move to NodeBB now (link here).

Goodbye grandfather of FAF. We'll miss you.
And as the administrator I'd like to add: Please burn in hell, where you came from, you shitty piece of software.

We will probably archive this forum, but we don't know how yet. If you have any ideas and also skills and time to help on that please contact me.

Re: Goodbye phpBB

PostPosted: 12 Aug 2020, 01:36
by vongratz
Hi, in last case I think that the WAYBACK MACHINE is an idea.
I already put the main page as reference. ... /index.php

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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2020, 22:43
by Mueeidkhatri
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Re: Goodbye phpBB

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2020, 01:35
by Mucko
I joined way back when and mostly just read and didn't post. Was a good forum. Moving on and thanks for putting in the effort.