Update for phantom pls

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Update for phantom pls

Postby jj_erklärt » 08 Jul 2014, 01:28

Firstly-> a thanks to the originator of phantom!

I would do it by my own, but at the moment i have no idea, how to make a mod...

my request: delete/or make a option for deactivat Flashing names (on right-top screen) after pinging

->at assorted Phantom games (noobs/medium player) its easy to find a "noob phantom" or any else... a deactivat/activat-option (for this function ) might be better for pro games-i thing there is flashing needet, but not at assorted phantom games with maybe also no reveal ;)
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Re: Update for phantom pls

Postby Duck_42 » 12 Jul 2014, 16:11

If I understand correctly, you'd like to have the option to make pings (attack, move, warning) anonymous.

The original FA user interface did not indicate who sent the ping. The function was added in FAF primarily to combat ping spam. While I do understand why you would want an anonymous ping in a phantom game, the FA engine has never truly anonymized pings. Even if I were to disable the function in phantom, a basic UI mod is all someone would need to turn it back on (for themselves anyway).

With that in mind, I'm going to pass on this. I'll add it to the requested features list on bitbucket (https://bitbucket.org/Duck_42/faf-phantomx) in case someone else wants to implement this.
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