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Diamond update II

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2012, 22:08
by Vault54
Diamond update II. 4.1.2013:

== What is Diamond Mod ==

Diamond Mod is designed for pro gaming purposes. It has tighter gameplay than original Forged Alliance so map control is more important. There are less shortcuts to victory so you have to really dominate your opponent to get a win. Fixes also most of the bugs found in game. You can now use every tactic, unit or acu upgrade found in game without being labeled as "insert method here" noob. Of course haxing and glitching is not allowed(offmapping etc.) Diamond uses its own full unit blueprints so even if there are some unit role/balance changes made by FAF, it wont affect to Diamond gameplay. For example Cybran Scathis is still a high cost game-ender in Diamond. Gameplay is aimed for massive scale wars and is very much suitable also for FFA games. Diamond is patch locked to FAF 3625 patch(last patch before factory HQ implementation aka engy mod). Patch lock ensures Diamonds compatibility with FAF and also provides good platform for other mods to be used without having to worry about breaking compatibility with future FAF patch updates.

Diamond(as in bug fixes) is 1 of 3 father mods(others being 3603 mod and Community Bug Fix Patch v4) that regular faf patch is originally being built upon. I started Diamond mod project in late 2010 and released it's 4th version before GPGNet was shutdown in 2012. After that Diamond made as featured mod in FAF and non-FAF version is now called Diamond Patch mod(supports patches 3599, 3603 and Steam FA).

Diamond Mod on Facebook! Right click and open link in new tab
Question: I am a casual gamer. Does that mean this mod is not for me?

Answer: No its for everybody. Fine tuned balancing and almost neurotic bug fixing just ensures that Diamond can be used for pro gaming purposes. Most games hosted with Diamond are played just for fun.

Question: I just wanna try this mod without having to know everything. What are main differences to normal FAF gameplay.

Answer: Major differences to FAF gameplay you need to know to play Diamond are:
You can OC without energy storage just like in 3599 and OC damage to Enemy ACUs and buildings are in 3599 values
ACU death nuke damage values normalized to 3599 values (3500 inner +500 outer =4000)
Tactical missile launcher is T3 not T2
You need to have a Support Commander to build Experimentals and Land nuke launchers.

New things in update II:

More beam bug fixes: t2 land units, hover units, naval units, sonars etc
Refixed Sera t1 mobile antiair 50 % shot at ground when moving bug, credits to A_vehicle
Disabled buggy airstaging ability from UEF Fatboy and Cybran T2 Cruiser as it made them vulnerable to air to air units when planes got stuck
T2 Mass fabricators build costs increased closer to T3 Mass fabs buildcosts. T2 is still little bit cheaper but T3 has much greater build speed. Thanks for help to gluck
Cybran T2 Hives now correctly show stages 1,2,3 in strategic icons and in upgrade window icons
Aeon T3 Missile Ship Torrent missile speed lowered from 30 to 18 so tmd:s can actually manage to shoot them. Area damage radius decreased from 5 to 3
Fixed Cybran ACU torpedoes hit bottom of the sea issue after ACU being transported
Swapped Reso Up and Laser Up on Cybran Commander so Tele+Laser is not possible combination anymore
Removed Teleport upgrade from Aeon and Sera support commander as it was only used for sniping antinukes
Sera T3 Submarine Hunter torpedo range lowered from 70 to 60. Speed set to 4(otherwise its exactly the same as in 3599 and 3603 patch)
Tweakings and little fixes here and there. Check full change log for all changes

Here is the structural change log from 3599(last official GPGnet patch) to Diamond Featured Mod


Fully uses the universal lua bug fixes that are built in to FAF

Fixed beamweapons not being able to hit strafing units

Seraphim torpedoes are no longer vulnerable to surface splash weapons

Disabled buggy airstaging ability from UEF Fatboy and Cybran T2 Cruiser as it let them vulnerable to air to air units when planes got stuck

Uses new improved FAF veterancy counter(not counting friendly kills) but veterancy is still same good old 1 kill 1 point system.

Overlapping shields are passing extra damage to each other when getting hit, reducing the shield stacking effiency. This affect a little more on mobile shields than on static shields. Credits to Ze_PilOt

Fixed wrong BuildIconSortPriority on Cybran T1 jester, UEF T2 Field engineer, Aeon T2 Mercy and Aeon T3 Solace. This helps Hotbuild mod users who have factory unit shortcut keys in logical order. Use of Hotbuild mod is strongly recommended for players that want to compete at high level.


Fixed Sera commander OC miss hit issue
Fixed Sera scu being reclaimable
Sera ACU adv restofields buggy 10% health bonus removed
Fixed sera scu nano repair upgrade wrong health bonus
Fixed sera acu's restoration field upgrade and advanced restoration field upgrade to not repair the ACU
All Units shooting at the Seraphim ACU now aim at the correct bones instead of the feet.
Fixed Sera ACU t3 upgrade wrong health

Fixed UEF ACU friendly damage bug. Credits to FuryoftheStars
Fixed an issue causing injured ACU to drop energy, shields and intel when staying near engineer stations or assist ordered engineers

Prevent ACU Upgrade to be acquired at a lower cost through cancelling --> Prevents the using of the upgrade bug. 3603 fix. Thx for help to Koecher

Fixed Cybran ACU torpedoes hit bottom of the sea issue after ACU being transported
Swapped Reso Up and Laser Up on Cybran Commander so Tele+Laser is not possible combination anymore
Removed teleport upgrade from Aeon and Sera support commander as it was only used for sniping antinukes

Cybran ACU's stealth costs increased from 350M 5250E 35 seconds buildtime to 550M 8000E 50 seconds buildtime

Aeon and UEF ACU's personal shields rebalanced. They now gives half amount of hp from their stage 2 heavy shield values.
Aeon from 1500M 93750E 29000hp buildtime 1250 to 2200M 120000E 22000hp buildtime 2000
UEF from 1500M 112500E 24000hp buildtime 1500 to 1800M 108000E 18000hp buildtime 1800

All commanders T3 upgrade wrong regen rates fixed
T3 upgrade costs increased from 2400M 50000E to 3000M 65000E. Buildtime stays original

Tactical missile upgrade for UEF and Sera ACU
Mass cost raised from 1000 to 3600
BuildcostEnergy raised from 50000 to 150000
Buildtime tripled

UEF ACU's Billy reload timeout increased to avoid rapid firing through assisting. can now shoot once every 30 seconds.

T3 Commanders and T3 engineers can no longer build T4 stuff. Use Support Commanders to build T4.


Fixed Sera t1 engineer assist delay issue
T2 engineer buildrate increased from 10 to 15 (uef t2 sparky too)
T3 engineer buildrate increased from 15 to 30(buildrates on different techs are now closer together masswise)


Fixed mex upgrade bug(3603)
T1 energy storage now stores 6000E instead of 2000E
Fixed an issue on t1 point defences causing ACUs to shoot through them and missing
Fixed wrong target bones bug on Aeon and Sera t1 pd making enemy units shoot too low to them
Fixed all factions t1 torpedo launchers not get hit by beam weapons issue

T2 tactical missile launcher moved to T3 (reason: weapon with 5 km range too "Hi-tech" for T2. Use T2 Artillery instead)

Cybran and Seraphim T2 Point Defenses dps increased.
Cybran +20% damage (damage to 11 from 9)
Seraphim +10% damage

Fixed UEF t3 ravager damages friendly units bug

All factions static Tactical Missile Launchers costs increased 50%
Cybran Missile health normalized so that the parent missile has 1 health and the child missiles have 1 health each as well. Fixed wrong maximum speed in child missiles.

Aeon T2 Tactical Missile Defense: lowered fire cycle to 1 projectile every 3.33 seconds (from 3.125 seconds)

T2 static antiair flak weapon gets +25% muzzle velocity
Fixed T2 static antiair cant shoot straight up issue

Cybran T2 Hives now correctly show stages 1,2,3 in strategic icons and in upgrade window icons

T2 Artillery Installation
Reduced mass cost by ~10%
Reduced build time by ~20%
Reduced energy cost by ~40%

Seraphim T2 Shield Generator hp lowered to 11500hp from 13000hp (still the best static t2 shield)

Cybran t2 shield stages rebalanced. It is still most expensive but not that bad. New prices and stats:
Stage 1: 200m 2000E 4000hp (+40mass)
Stage 2: 300m 3000E(=500m 5000E) 7000hp (no change)
Stage 3: 600m 9000E(=1100m 14000E) 10000hp (-200mass -3000E)
Stage 4: 1000m 16000E(=2100m 30000E) 13000hp (-200mass -8000E)
Stage 5: 2100m 35000E(=4200m 65000E) 16000hp (-300mass -5000E +2000hp)

Sera t2 sonar can now move(3 times slower than other factions t3 sonars) Increased cost from 180M 5400E to 240M 7200E and +33% buildtime. Increased MaintenanceConsumptionPerSecondEnergy from 100 to 180.

T2 static torpedo launcher range increased from 60 to 85 and dps decreased to 60dps.

Fixed Sera t2 torpedo launcher torpedoes goes though islands issue

T2 Mass fabricators build costs increased closer to T3 Mass fabs buildcosts. T2 is still little bit cheaper but T3 has much greater build speed. Thanks for help to gluck

T3 Harms increased range from 80 to 100. Dps lowered to 150dps

Cybran t3 sonar stealth range decreased from 90 to 35

T3 antiair SAMs costs decreased from 1400M 12000E to 1200M 10000E
Sera T3 antiair projectile now track targets like all other SAMs to fix the miss hit problem

T3 air factory costs raised to 4200M 84000E from 2520M 46200E
T3 land factory costs raised to 3780M 33600E from 3150M 28350E

T3 mass extractors mass income lowered from 18 (27 with mass storages) to 14 (21 with mass storages). This is to make map control more important over just ecoing in base

Refixed the faulty 3603 bugfix in t1 t2 and t3 Aeon Cybran and Sera naval factories so they can now be hit with both torpedoes and beamweapons(in 3603 u cant hit aeon and sera naval factories with beamweapons anymore)

Fixed bugs in all factions t1 t2 and t3 naval factories that made ships behave like lunatics after build
(all of them had issues, Sera was the worst, now every single naval factory has individually tailored rolloffpoint values)

T3 Static artillery buildcosts increased 25%. Range increased 25%

Fixed Aeon T3 Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation: Salvation's crazy rate of fire bonus from pgens
Fixed Aeon T3 Quantum Optics Facility: Eye of Rhianne wrong adjajency bonus
Eye of Rhianne RemoteViewingRadius lowered from 45 to 25(same as 3603)

Land nuke launchers moved to T4. Use nuke subs or sera battleship if u want build nukes at T3 stage
Aeon Rapid-Fire Artillery Installation: Salvation moved to T4

Increased mass cost on aeon Paragon and Sera Yolona Oss(exp nuke launcher) to same mass cost as Cybran Scathis and UEF Mavor(299700 mass)

Fixed bug in Scathis that made it more inaccurate than it should in some situtations

Quantum Gates:
Increased hp from 10000 to 30000 (to make sense to T1<T2<T3<T4 Land factories hp evolution)
It is now 3 times harder to assist a Quantum Gate than before(it still builds one Subcom in 5 minutes. Only assist is harder)
Increased masscost from 3000M to 6000M. Increased energycost from 30000E to 180000E. Buildtime doubled

UEF Novax Center now correctly launches the satellite, when player is a unit cap
Added radar radius(45) to UEF Defence Satellite to enhance its role as intel gathering unit. vision radius remains same(10)

Cybran Nuke correctly detonate at the impact altitude instead of 20 units above. Thx for help to Koecher


T1 airscouts lowered build costs 25% and doubled hp from around ~30hp to ~60hp. Adder radar(range 65) but not sonar.

T1 Transports
BuildCostMass increased from 120 to 200
BuildCostEnergy increased from 4800 to 6000
Buildtime increased from 40sec to 50 sec

Light assault bots cant fire from transports anymore (no ghetto gunships)

Fixed Sera t1 bombers bomb detonating in mid air bug on high altitude changing maps

Cybran t1 Jester dps lowered from 48dps to 39dps

All factions t1 bombers bomb reload time increased to 5 seconds to fix double bombing abuse issue

Bomb drop prediction corrected on all T1 T2 bombers to moving targets. 3603 fix
Bomb drop fix to all T1 T2 bombers miss hits due high elevation changes. My fix
Fixed Sera T2 bomber not dropping its bomb
Lowered Cybran t2 Corsair antiground weapon range from 45 to 35 to fix the stop abuse issue
Increased Cybran t2 Corsair antiair dps from 53dps to 75dps(still the worst t2 dogfighter but not that bad)

Aeon T2 Mercy
Fuel increased from 70 to 110(same as 3603)
Damage decreased from 2400 to 1700
Maximum radius decreased from 25 to 22(the point where Mercy turns into untargetable lighting bolt)
Fixed fighters cant hit them reliably while they are landed bug. Credits to Koecher
Fixed wrong AirThreatLevel

T2 gunships
Lowered speed from 12 to 10
Increased fuel time from 6mins 40secs to 9 minutes
Raised flying elevation from 10 to 16 so they cant fly under enemy t2 shields
Increased area damage radius from 0 to 1
Build costs and health normalized to 3599 values

Fixed bug in Cybran t2 gunship preventing it from firing without an attack command

Fixed 5 different issues on t2 torpedo bombers(outrun, shallow water etc. Sera was most bugged)

Fixed issue on several t2 and t3 gunships that could not shoot straight down and miss consistently(missing code)

Fixed many issues on Aeon t3 torpedo bomber Solace(cant drop on second pass, torpedo outrun probs etc.)

T3 bombers now hit their target even on high altitude changing maps and against moving targets but you can still evade bombs with your Commander.
Because T3 bombers now actually hit their target with their bombs, damage of bombs are reduced 20%
Different factions T3 bombers area damage radius values are set closer together from 4-7 to 4-5.5(order remains same)
T3 bombers max speed lowered to 17 from 18

Restorers are rebalanced so you are allowed to use them in game
Max air speed lowered from 10 to 8
Health lowered from 7200 to 6600
Ground damage kept at 160dps (standard value)
Antiair damage lowered from 130dps to 90 dps

All t3 gunships now costs the same(Even restorer)
BuildCostMass 1680 BuildCostEnergy 50400 buildtime 2min 20sec
All t3 gunships gets area damage radius 1 to their ground weapons and flying elevation is raised from 10 to 16
T3 UEF and Cybran gunships speed increased from 8 to 9 and they dont chase fast moving planes across the whole map anymore
T3 UEF gunship Broadsword increased antiair dps from 3.08 to 12.32

Increased mass costs on some T3 air units. Energy costs are in 3599 values if not told otherwise
Aeon T3 torp bomber Solace increased mass costs from 1650M to 1760M
All ASF's increased mass costs from 400M to 500M
All T3 bombers increased mass costs from 2100M to 2240M. Energy costs from 70000E to 80000E

UEF T3 Heavy Air Transport: Continental
Lowered costs from 2000M 28125E 2min 5secs buildtime to 1400M 28000E 1min 40secs buildtime(same as 3603)
Bettered shield to block more flak projectiles from hurting the transport itself and cargo units
Decreased Flayer SAM Anti Air dps to half to compensate the price drop
Raised flying elevation from 10 to 16

Fixed no drop issue on sera T4 Bomber and added bomb loading indicator

Aeon T4 Czar pizza delivery damage lowered to 8000 from 15000(crash to land)


Aeon t1 tank Aurora lowered range from 26 to 23. Hp increased from 140 to 180

UEF t1 arty Lobo decreased hp from 205hp to 200hp(same as 3603)
Sera t1 arty buildspeed lowered from 6mass/sec so its the same 4mass/sec as in other factions t1 tanks and artys
T1 land scouts are in 3603 values
T1 Light Assault Bots and Sera T1 Combat Scout speed increased from 4 to 4.5

Refixed Sera t1 mobile antiair shoots at ground when moving bug, credits to A_vehicle

Transferred 12 mass 60E and 60 buildtime from Cybran t1 arty to Cybran t1 mobile AA
This makes Cybran t1 arty viable unit and fixes mobile AA spam abuse issue
Cybran t1 mobile AA gets +25% dps to AA weapon to compensate this arrangement
Cybran t1 arty gets +25% dps to compensate this arrangement(also lowered stun ability from 3 to 1.5 seconds)
Fixed Cybran t1 mobile antiair cant hit high air units issue

T2 mobile antiair flak weapon gets +25% muzzle velocity
Fixed Seraphim T2 Mobile Anti-Air cant shoot straight up issue

Made T2 land tanks slightly tougher. T2 land tanks have 20-25% more hitpoints. Cybran t2 tank got buffed more as it was too weak compared to the others.(same as 3603) speed is not lowered like in 3603 patch. Cybran t2 tank also has much better turret yaw speed. This makes t2 land more desirable and less likely just skipable.
Aeon T2 Heavy Tank Obsidian: Speed set to 3.3. Health: 1000hp Shield: 1600hp

Aeon T2 Assault Tank: Blaze range increased from 23 to 26. Vision range increased from 15 to 20
UEF T2 Amphibious Tank: Riptide speed increased from 3.7 to 4. Mass lowered from 363 to 330
Cybran T2 Amphibious Tank: Wagner torpedo dps increased from 3 dps to 5 dps

Sera T2 hover tank
BuildCostEnergy lowered from 1320 to 1200
BuildCostMass lowered form 220 to 200
BuildTime lowered from 22 sec to 20 sec
Speed increased from 3.7 to 4
Area damage radius raised to 1.5 (Cannon weapon)
(Reason: To make this weak unit more usable atleast in some situations)

Cybran T2 Firebeetles: Increased damage to 1800 from 1200. DamageRadius increased from 5 to 6. Healt lowered from 750hp to 400hp. Does not inflict damage to friendly units anymore. Improved acceleration, braking, cornering and detonation tolerancy(but not speed). Use attack ground mode for maximum effiency

Fixed wrong TransportClass of Cybran t2 firebeetle, Cybran T2 Rocket Bot: Hoplite and Aeon T3 Shield Disruptor: Absolver

Increased Cybran Deceiver (t2 mobile stealth generator) speed, acceleration and brake to match the values of other factions t2 mobile shields. Same as in 3603 patch

UEF T2 Gatling Bot: Mongoose and Cybran T2 Rocket Bot: Hoplite
Heath normalized to 3599 levels(not lowered like in 3603)
Speed lowered from 3.6 to 3.2

UEF T2 Mobile Shield Generator: Parashield and Aeon T2 Mobile Shield Generator: Asylum
Shield hp normalized to 3599 levels(not lowered like in 3603)
Increased build costs and build time to lessen the spam

All factions t2 mobile missiles launchers damage increased 50%(same as in 3603)

Fixed Monkeylord and Sera t2 bot Ilshavoh getting stuck bug

All factions T3 mobile artys can now shoot while moving. This is to fix major issue causing factories to halt unit production
T3 mobile artys turret yaw limited to 100 degrees on both sides so they can't shoot totally backwards when moving

UEF T3 Mobile Missile Platform: Spearhead
Increased range to 100 from 80. It now outranges t3 mobile artillery(range 90)
Increased damageradius to 1.5 from 0.5
Increased builtime to 50secs from 40 secs
Increased mass cost to 600 from 400
Increased energycost to 4500 from 3000
Damage normalized to 3599 values
Reason: Fits perfectly to uef's outranging philosophy. Now spearhead has two advantages over t3 mobile arty(better range and accuracy). T3 mobile artys advantages are area damage, lead targeting to moving units and immunity to tac defs

Fixed Fatboy, Monkeylord, Megalith, Calactic Colossus, Percival and Brick being able to fire from shallow water, being unattackable from land while doing so bug. Thx for help to Koecher

Fixed Sera t3 tank and Cybran Scathis having difficulty to shoot while on slopes
Seraphim T3 Siege Tank Othuum speed increased from 2.5 to 2.8
Sera T3 Sniper bot now correctly shows both normal and sniper mode range rings

UEF T3 Titan range increased from 20 to 23
UEF T3 Percival decreased damage from 1600 to 1400 every 4 seconds

Aeon T3 Harbinger: Transferred 2600hp from shield to health (now health 4600hp shield 1300hp)
Shield can now protect the unit from t2 pd splash damage

Land Experimentals cost increased to 3603 levels(=costs as much as in 3603)
Yothas deathweapon lowered from 110000 to 60000 total damage
Fixed Monkeylord not showing its laser range radius ring


All factions t1 submarines health set to 600hp(this makes t1 subs viable on all factions not just UEF)

Decreased Frigate & t1 submarine cost by 10%(same as 3603)
Increase Frigate anti-air dps to 15, attack boat anti-air dps to 35, and Battleship Antiair dps to 60(same as 3603)

Fixed UEF T2 Cruiser not being able to fire with all weapons at the same time
Sera t2 Cruiser flak weapon gets +25% muzzle velocity
Increased antiair dps +25% in all factions t2 Cruisers(same as 3603)
Set Cybran T2 Cruiser Proton cannon dps to 180(160 in 3603, 230 in 3599)

UEF t2 torpedo boat + 30% health. Torpedo defence lowered from once every 2.5secs to once every 3.8secs
Aeon t2 submarine + 30% health. Increased watervision from 45 to 55.
Cybran t2 submarine + 30% health
Sera Destroyer increased torpedo weapon +15% dps and fixed the antitorpedo not working bug

Increased Uef T2 destroyer Angler Torpedo range from 45 to 60 and dps from 30 to 40

Increased Aeon T2destroyer firerate from once every 5 secs to once every 2.5secs. Dps remains same

Fixed units shooting under Cybran Megalith and T2 destroyer when on land issue

UEF shieldboat and Cybran stealth boat speed decreased from 7 to 6 so they dont go ahead of Frigates and submarines
Increased shielboat costs to 3603 values

Sera T3 Submarine Hunter torpedo range lowered from 70 to 60. Speed set to 4(otherwise its exactly the same as in 3599 and 3603 patch)

All submersible naval units(T1-T4) now dives deeper so they cant be damaged with ground fire of Cruisers or Battleships

Aeon T3 Missile Ship Torrent missile speed lowered from 30 to 18 so tmd:s can actually manage to shoot them. Area damage radius decreased from 5 to 3

UEF T3 BAttlecruiser:
BuildCostMass set to 7500(same as in 3599)
Lowered builtime from 8 min 20secs to 6 min 15secs
Angler Torpedo dps inreased from 20dps to 50dps

Fixed Sera Battleship nuke no warning sound and nuke fly high bugs(3603 patch fix)

Cybran T3 Battleship torpedo dps raised from 20 dps to 40 dps

All nuke subs have now the same range and area damage radius on their tactical missiles. 150 (2.93 km) area damage radius 4
Fixed T3 nuke subs tactical missile range circle not showing(now shows nuke min and max radius too)
T3 Nuke subs and Sera Battleships nuke inner ring damage set to 60000 instead of 25000
T3 submarine nuke missile costs increased from 16800M 1764000E 7 minutes build time to 19200M 1920000E 8 minutes build time
Sera Battleship nuke costs increased from 19200M 1920000E 8 minutes build time to 21600M 2160000E 9 minutes build time
T3 Nuke subs can dive up to -6 deep instead of -2
T3 Nuke subs and sera T3 Battleship energy cost raised to 200000. (reason: ability to build nuke)

Aeon T4 tempest lowered lowered mass cost from 28000M to 20000M and energy cost from 350000E to 250000E

Plus some minor bugs fixed
Diamond uses some things that are better in 3599 than in 3603 patch

T1 tanks speeds are in 3599 values

T1 transports cant transport commanders anymore

OC system normalized. You can use OverCharge without having to build an energy storage just like in 3599.

Energy storages costs, explosion damage, explosion radius and health normalized to 3599 values

Engineers and factories gives you energy storage(3599 values)

ACU death nuke damage values normalized to 3599 values (3500 inner +500 outer =4000)

T1 bombers costs normalized to 3599 values

T3 Air units energy costs normalized to 3599 values

T3 naval factories and ships costs normalized to 3599 values
(But ships buildtimes are lowered from 3599 values a little but not so as much as in 3603)

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2013, 01:01
by Vault54
Diamond is now updated! Play it and tell me what do you think. I will host a Diamond Prize Tournament soon to get things going.

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2013, 22:08
by Krapougnak
really impressive job you have done there !

Some questions though :

what is this beam bug you are talking about ?
Why did you add CollisionOffsetZ to a lot of units ?
Why the tradeoff between Cybran T1 arty and anti-air ? How was the T1 anti-air abused ?

That is all for now, I'll keep exploring your mod. :)

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2013, 18:55
by Vault54
Hi Krapougnak. Thank you for your kind words. Beam bug happens when units are traveling sideways compared to Beam weapons position(for example cybran t2 pd or uef battlecruiser). Beam weapons usually miss from front side of the traveling unit consistently. Beam bug can also happen when shooting static structures that have too low hit boxes and beam goes over the structure. In Diamond this issue is fixed by making higher hit boxes on troublesome static structures and lengthening(Z value) the hit boxes of troublesome mobile units. CollisionOffsetZ is used to put that extra length only on the front side of unit by moving the whole hit box forwards. So fixing beam bug is not fixing the beam weapons them self but individually tailoring the hit box values of all troublesome units they shoot.

Cybran T1 anti-air has not been technically abused but it was possible to spam it without building any tanks or arty on locations were enemy could only attack by drops or air assaults. When built with same mass Cybran T1 anti-air could kill 80% of enemy tanks with its ground toggle weapon. That's pretty good for an anti-air unit. As Cybran t1 arty were generally considered too weak and expensive unit, the extra costs were transferred to anti-air with some compensation to both units. So basically it was just to make t1 anti-air more focused on beating air units and less land units and making t1 arty as viable unit. Recently FAF also lowered the build costs of Cybran t1 arty but without any other arrangements.

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2013, 20:09
by Krapougnak
Thank you very much for this complete and clear explanation :)

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2013, 12:56
by Vault54
Small update was released to Diamond to fix incompatibility issues with faf patch 3624. Just host/join a Diamond game and new version will automagically download.
Also released Diamond Patch mod II for patches 3599, 3603 and Steam FA

Steam Diamond Patch mod II thread

Diamond gameplay videos

Diamond 1v1 Tournament thread

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2013, 00:06
by Vault54
Diamond Mod is now officially on Facebook!

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2013, 23:40
by Vault54
Official Diamond hotbuild progaming hotkeys viewtopic.php?f=41&t=5817

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2015, 00:45
by Vault54
Uploaded small bug fix update to Diamond. Tell me if you encounter any problems with it. Thanks.

Re: Diamond update II

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2015, 04:12
by Cheva
Really awesome you still keep things up to date. Almost time for another diamond tourney.

Diamond was the original mod to help fix bugs etc. It is even reflected quite a bit in FAF today.