A couple major bugs I've found

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Re: A couple major bugs I've found

Postby PhilipJFry » 21 Jun 2017, 10:15

the replay desyncs around min 3
pls check your local replay for desyncs and upload it in case there is none
if your local replay is desynced you can try to replicate the bug and post that

looks like you used a few more mods than just blackops. please try to replicate the issue with just the blackops mod or link/name the other sim mods you used
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Re: A couple major bugs I've found

Postby SHADYWOOD » 14 Jul 2017, 02:11

Nvm oc vs commander armour is still bugged. If somebody has the proper lines or could tell me what is wrong with the ones I posted it would be greatly appreciated.
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