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BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby IceDreamer » 26 Aug 2016, 21:19


Not much of a difference in the form, just an increase in how well the mod runs. I'm on the lookout for smaller bugs, typos in descriptions, oddities. You know, fit and finish, polish. Gotta make it nice and shiny.

The download procedure is the same as ever: ... p/BlackOps

Good (Bug)hunting!
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby Shizophren » 26 Aug 2016, 22:30

I've got a question
Is the installing process the same as with the alpa Mod? =)
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby SalvationKing0 » 27 Aug 2016, 06:12

Which Branch of the GitHub thing am I supposed to download from: Master or develop/Blackops?

I have played a game now in Sandbox, during which the ACU was invisible and unable to move/reclaim.
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby bsee » 27 Aug 2016, 07:04

Played a game with 5 player vs 2 AI. Used mods: Resource Rich, Anti Nuke Price v2, Experimental Shields for FA Seraphim v2 v1, plus the blackops mods. I can confirm all mods except blackops work fine together with no issues. However the game with blackops had bad desync issues. Blackops units worked about as I remember them, so that's good. Not sure if the replay will load because of the desync, but the UID is 5087796

There were no icons for blackops units. In a prior game when I tried to use BlackOps Global Icon Support Mod v5 we couldn't even get the regular in game UI to load. Hope this helps, and I'm looking forward to playing this again.
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby Cuddles » 27 Aug 2016, 07:54

ACU doesn't spawn when using with COOP.

the icons works fine - for me
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby SalvationKing0 » 27 Aug 2016, 14:06

Tried to test it, many things spotted.
No other mods are running.
This is only for Aeon

ACU - General
- Generating no income and no storage.
- Invisible unless Prebuild Units is turned on.
- At beginning of game, ACU has all tech levels available.
- Cannot build or reclaim, only move. Ability to fire untested.
- Upgrades
- Right Arm
- Torpedo Launcher Upgrades
- Torpedo Launcher (T2)
- Apostrophe missing in "commanders"
- Improved Reloader (T3)
- Apostrophe missing in "torpedos"
- Advanced Warheads (T4)
- Apostrophe missing in "torpedos"

- Disruptor Cannon Upgrades
- Jury Rigged Disruptor (T1)
- First sentence of description is cumbersome, needs rework.
- Disruptor Amplifier (T1)
- No description.

- Miasma Artillery Upgrades
- Dual Miasma Artillery (T2)
- Good description
- Advanced Warhead Compression (T3)
- Good Description
- Improved Auto-Loader (T4)
- Slightly clumsy wording of description.

- Phason Beam Upgrades
- Phason Beam Cannon (T2)
- Capital letters missing.
- "targets" missing apostrophe.
- Dual Channel Booster (T3)
- Good description.
- Energized Molecular Inducer (T4)
- Good description.

- Back
- Intel/Teleport Upgrades
- Electronic Enhancement (T2)
- The 'after all' in the second sentence of the description sounds bad.
- Farsight Optics (T3)
- "prototype" missing capital.
- First sentence needs rework
- Farjump Teleporter (T4)
- Good description.

- Shield Upgrades
- Shield Battery (T2)
- Good description.
- Improved Shield Battery (T3)
- Good description.
- Advanced Shield Battery (T4)
- Description needs rework.
- Overall
- Numbers in the information window say that all three levels of shield cost 1 energy per tick?

- Quantum Maelstrom Upgrades
- Quantum Maelstrom Generator (T2)
- "serephim" spelled incorrectly, needs captital.
- "aeon" needs capital
- Quantum Distortion Amplifier (T3)
- Good description.
- Quantum Instability Enhancer (T4)
- Good description

- Left Arm
- Combat Engineering Upgrades
- Tech 2 Combat Engineering (T1)
- "chrono dampener" missing capitals.
- Tech 3 Assault Engineering (T2)
- Good description.
- Tech 4 Apocalyptic Engineering (T3)
- Good description.
- Economic Engineering Upgrades
- Tech 2 Improved Engineering (T1)
- Good description.
- Tech 3 Advanced Engineering (T2)
- Good description.
- Tech 4 EXPERIMENTAL Engineering (T3)
- Good description.
- Why is EXPERIMENTAL in all capitals?

- Tech 1
- Enclave: Tech 1 Light Air Staging Facility
- Good description.
- Tech 2
- HC-2: Tech 2 Hydrocarbon Power Plant
- No description.
- Quantum Wake Generator: Tech 2 Anti-Teleport Generator
- Good description.
- Tech 3
- Vajun: Tech 3 Mass and Energy Storage
- description needs rework
- HC-3: Tech 3 Hydrocarbon Power Plant
- No description
- Purger: Tech 3 Tactical Missile Defense
- "missle" missing an 'i'
- name of weapon "Ele-athrun" sounds Seraphim, not Aeon.
- Aria: Tech 3 Heavy Point Defense
- description makes very little sense.
- Purifier: Tech 3 Tactical Missile Launcher
- description missing a comma after 'area'
- Sanctuary: Tech 3 Advanced Air Staging Facility
- description needs serious rework.
- Quantum Wake Generator: Tech 3 Anti-Teleport Generator
- description basically identical to T2, but that's ok
- name almost identical to T2 version.

Experimental Units
- Artemis Control Center: Artemis Satellite Control
- name needs a re-think.
- "Launcher" should not have a capital L
- Description needs rework overall.
- Genesis: Experimental Assault Tank
- Good description.
- Inquisitor: Experimental Siege Weapon
- Why does the description say 'redesigned'? Redesigned from what? Description needs rework
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby Uveso » 27 Aug 2016, 14:20

thanks for the detailed reply.
Some issues as "- At beginning of game, ACU has all tech levels available." only appears if you use the wrong game version or you are using Black Ops Global Icon support.

Please use gameversion 3652+ (no vanilla or steam.)
And disable Black Ops Global Icon support.
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby Plasma_Wolf » 27 Aug 2016, 17:25

I'm getting the "ACUs have everything available and don't actually spawn" issue. Using it through FAF.

I think I don't have the icon support on, but to be sure: where can I find it? I disabled all other mods, both game and UI. Also disabled the Blackops ACU mod, so just the main mod. I included the replay.log (that's the useful one in this case, right?)
replay after a Blackops Test.txt
(81.71 KiB) Downloaded 145 times
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby everywhere116 » 27 Aug 2016, 22:19

Quick question, the "What's new" tab described the beta as if it was a single mod that we can just unpack and put in our mods folder, but it appears it's actually two mods plus a couple of .git files that I don't know what they do. Is it really two separate mods that are supposed to be activated simultaneously or do we put the entire folder labeled "Mod-develop-Blackops" into our mods folder and it will work as a single mod?
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Re: BlackOps 10.0 BETA!

Postby JaggedAppliance » 27 Aug 2016, 22:49

Instructions on installing the mods courtesy of Plasia:
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