Unable to see a lot of people after a recent router upgrade.

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Unable to see a lot of people after a recent router upgrade.

Postby Despoman » 19 Oct 2011, 22:52


Just found out about this gem not long ago and everyone was happy, tho some days ago i had to get a new router as the old one was pretty outdated and didnt support some stuff im using on the wireless. And now i can only see like 20% or less of the players playing the game. The ones i cant see will have a red 0 as latency and some call it NIL or something.

Well, it kinda sucks that i cant play as i really want to and hope someone can help me about this problem. Ports and forwarding have been done correctly, and that i can connect and see someone would support that or?
The router im using is a D-Link DIR-655 with firmversion 2.00

Dont know what other informasion i need to supply so just tell me and i will provide it. And if this cant be fixed (wich is strange as the box says its supposed to be "really" good for gaming and whatnot) i would have to exchange it to another one, tho i would hope it can be fixed.
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