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Linux: FAF ForgedAlliance.exe won't launch from client

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2020, 17:20
by the_dode
I'm using Downlords FAF Client 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 RC on Linux Mint.
FA is running perfectly when launched with proton-4.11-11 and D9VK directly from Steam (or using the run-script from bash, which has been generated by launching through steam).

What does not work:
After launching the client and setting up the game paths, I try to create a new game. All files are getting downloaded by the client but ForgedAlliance.exe exits with "Fatal Error".
Log files are attached -

My guess is, that the resource paths collected by the init lua scripts are messed up (G:\home\stephan... does not exist, it should be G:\stephan... within the wine prefix; game.log:23 and following) but this is not the only warning during startup.

I'm glad about every hint - thanks!