Unable to link Steam acount

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Unable to link Steam acount

Postby saintpyro » 20 Nov 2019, 02:23

Hey both my friend and my self are having the same issue with linking the steam account. My profile is set to public as listed in the requirements, we are both getting this error
{"requestId":"4d09fddf-34ba-4e5b-8433-6c71f395f603","errors":[{"status":"500","title":"org.springframework.web.client.HttpServerErrorException","detail":"503 Service Unavailable"}]}
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Re: Unable to link Steam acount

Postby vmetalbr » 20 Nov 2019, 02:25

Same here.
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Re: Unable to link Steam acount

Postby Brutus5000 » 20 Nov 2019, 21:04

Please try again. The server sometimes has hiccups.
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Re: Unable to link Steam acount

Postby H3dgie » 21 Nov 2019, 01:56

Having the same issue.
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