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Name ban request

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2019, 14:12
by po3try
Hi fellow FAF players,

I created an account named Vabagond50 then-> Oujo so that I could play when I was sick or tired, and not lose points on my main account. But I've been banned for ''smurfing'' which is really something that I don't like, whether to do or to see smurfs. This account was truly meant to fulfill the purpose up-above. I think that it's much better to do this, than to lose points in games whilst other players call you overrated or whatnot.

Anyways my request is very simple:
Is it possible to liberate not the account, but the username ''Oujo'' so I can use it on my main and only account. (Since the username got stuck in ban mode, cannot login, cannot change it etc.)

Thanks for your time peeps, see ya