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changing IP address

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2019, 18:46
by sneed
Lately I have been losing connection to all players ingame and I never seem able to reconnect. This actually happens once every 4 hours.

I recently figured out that my IP address changes every 4 hours. When that happens I lose internet connection for 5 seconds and it's back to normal again, albeit with a new IP. This internet connection is shared with many other people and I do not have access to the router.

Can anything be done about this? I'm pretty sure the IP change is unavoidable.

Re: changing IP address

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2019, 19:49
by Geosearchef
Step 1 should be to try to prevent the assignment of a new IP address. Your ISP shouldn't assign you a new IP address every few hours as this breaks every existing connection. So you should try talking with your ISP or consider switvhing. If this is not possible however:

I have been working on the ice adapter (which proxies the connection between game and other players) for the past 9 months (and muellni before that). It is currently nearing the end of its developement phase and will hopefully be deployed soon. This would actively detect the lodt connection and send a message to other peers containing your new IP address thus allowing reconnecting. If you just play with friends you can try the ice adapter on a test server but you won't be able to play with other people.

There may be another possibility to recconect. When you connect to FAF it determines your connection type. If possible, it will use a direct connection to other players. This will break though once your IP changes as your peers won't be notified and therefore will send their packets to the wrong location. But if you force the game to use a relay (TURN) connection by making the connectivity check on connect fail, your peers will be sending their packets to an address you borrowed from a TURN server which will stay constant. I'm not sure how ever if TURN allows reconnecting, it's unlikely (especially if it's TURN via TCP) , but worth a shot.

1. Go into the windows firewall settings
2. Add a new inbound and outbound rule
3. Port: 6112, Protocol: UDP
4. BLOCK ALL traffic (yes, I'm serious, blocking, not allowing, thid will make the connectivity test fail, downlords client will show a proxy connection in the bottom right, legacy client will also proxy but won't show it)

Re: changing IP address

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2019, 20:20
by sneed
Thanks for the quick reply, I cannot prevent that from happening however, as I'm not getting internet directly from the ISP, it is provided by the owners of the apartment block and their system is at fault here.

I tried your last solution, but no luck. I usually know when I'm about to drop from the game so I avoid playing at that time. I wish faf could detect the IP change though.

Re: changing IP address

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2019, 20:45
by Geosearchef
I wish faf could detect the IP change though.

So do we. Since 2.5 years while the ice adapter is in developement. Turns out it's not that easy as it seems. But now it's working and will be (if nothing goes wrong for the 100th time :( ) deployed soon.