Consistent disconnect from one person

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Re: Consistent disconnect from one person

Postby majorwitty » 15 Dec 2018, 07:10

We used the Downlord's 9.2 client tonight and two us were on LAN while two were over Internet. We played several skirmishes without any issues for about 3 hours. I've read through those pages and logged into Discord (first time using Discord). I read on how to organize an ICE test game it said, "Do not run test games with less than 7-8 people, preferrably with 10-12 players." I will hang out in Discord, as much as possible, and try to catch some games.
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Re: Consistent disconnect from one person

Postby Geosearchef » 15 Dec 2018, 10:56

The how to organize page is written for people wanting to organize test games. The minimum amount of players is in there to only gather statistically representative data (as it's unlikely to encounter issues in smaller games). For your personal usage/just playing you can of course completely ignore this. If you want you can use the ice test build for playing with family/friends but of course you won't be able to play with anyone else using the official server.

If you"re going to play some ice based games please drop a short note afterwards if it worked.

I saw your message on discord, but I can't yet say when the next test will be.
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