Bad rating change from a game? Report here

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Re: Bad rating change from a game? Report here

Postby SYSTEM_FAILURE » 02 Aug 2019, 17:18

I understand the complexity of changing the rating after the game now it makes sense how this is unreasonable. But in a reply to your comment about trophy points, no, my reason for asking you to fix the points was for exactly the reason you stated. Balance. If FAF is not declaring the correct point allocation to the winning team then FAF is causing de-balance in the worst possible way.

I hear this statement quite often, but in reality players skill is infact judged on points, it also allows or dis-allows a player to join a rating restricted game. It effects tournament participation too for teams. So please don't trivialise the point's.
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Re: Bad rating change from a game? Report here

Postby lynx_nz » 14 Aug 2019, 12:29

hi guys, i've been playing a few online games of late that "was not rated" - i'll call that a bad rating...

We always select "default settings" before launch, and ensure that no sim mods are enabled. There are a few UI mods we use (supreme scoreboard, econ etc), but cannot figure why the matches are not rated? During the game supreme scoreboard indicates that RANKING is ON ?

Here are a few examples; ... d=10072160 ... d=10051091 ... d=10050286

Any advise appreciated!!

Update : looking at replay detail / metadata, might be be Zombie mod? - though not enabled.
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Re: Bad rating change from a game? Report here

Postby rkrempel » Today, 19:17 ... d=10119099

Game desynced so I quit, but rating was awarded anyway. As I understand it, desynced games do not score. So... WTF?!?

Please explain how this works, so I can adjust my behavior accordingly, for the game was not over.
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