Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

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Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

Postby Zappa » 11 Jul 2017, 19:59

Second time this occurs in the past 10 days on 1v1 ladder: enemy ACU did not spawn.
My opponent was Crips, he had picked a single faction to play (not Nomads of course).

replay UID: 6480077
map: Standing Stones (don't think it's related to map: previous occurrence of this bug was on a different map)

The online replay is accurate: our chat is present but one ACU is not :-)
Have not looked at local replay files, but have attached both mine and Crips.

While writing this post, Crips launched another ladder game and had the same issue. He just told me he's using the alpha version of the FAF client (I'm using the classic/stable). His second game with the bug was UID 6480159.

You have my forever.log but not Crips: there is no 'logs' directory in C:\ProgramData\FAForever for him: does the alpha client store these in another location?

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more info!


forever.log from Zappa (this ACU did spawn)
(12.11 KiB) Downloaded 58 times

local replay file from Zappa
(7.57 KiB) Downloaded 52 times

local replay file from Crips (first game)
(7.56 KiB) Downloaded 52 times
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Re: Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

Postby CookieNoob » 11 Jul 2017, 20:44

when playing ladder, the nomads mod is not loaded. Therefore he cant be nomads. What probably happened is that he got faction 5 (which is the random faction) for some reason and the supreme scoreboard mod interpreted it as nomads (thus showing a nomads icon for him in the scoreboard).

Did he play on steam before this started? there was a similar case lately and the problem there was a bad game.prefs file which he got by playing on steam. Try to delete the game.prefs file and see if it happens again.

please attach the game.log as well. ... cal_Issues

Another possibility is that downlords client didnt set up the game correctly, can you attach his log file as well? It's called "downlords-faf-client.log"
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Re: Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

Postby ZthueeSpam » 24 May 2019, 12:23

Was this ever resolved? Since I moved from the old client to Downlord's client, this has been happening to me sometimes (spawn as nomad but not ACU appears, can chat with opponent and zoom around but game never begins). Do you want me to attach logs or is there an obvious fix?
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Re: Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

Postby Brutus5000 » 28 May 2019, 17:52

Yes, please post some logs :)
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Re: Ladder game no ACU spawn (Nomad faction??)

Postby ZthueeSpam » 12 Jun 2019, 03:34

Brutus5000 wrote:Yes, please post some logs :)

OK, I found a workaround by not selecting all four factions for 1v1. If all are selected, there is a chance of getting nomad for some reason. If I select 3 factions, I never get nomad. So because I've been doing this recently, I haven't got any logs. But that should give you a clue about what is causing it? I will try to use all four factions again and post logs. Which log files would you need?
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