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Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

Postby biass » 12 Feb 2020, 13:58

Jip wrote:I can't find the replay where you played on the map against other players. In my own test sessions people enjoyed the map a lot because it seems at first that the middle is important, but the sides of the map turn out to be a lot more critical not just because of the mass but also because of the hill behind the base.

Even with a cadre of 1500s and up players, we wouldn't be able to play enough to form a decent opinion and get the results out in a timeframe, so we make very reasonable assumptions that likely wouldnt change after a few games anyway.

I took a second look and it seems you are trying to push players in this direction, perhaps?
If true, you need more incentive for players to go there. I feel like once the 2 mex expansions are given PD's and such, there isnt really much point to fight over them instead of just trying to brutalise the base.

About the hills / mountains, I'd love to know how to do them right. I found that to be quite difficult. In a map such as Flaming Saddle (that I expected to be here too) they are done beautifully and I would love to know how. Anyone has tips / tutorials about how this can be achieved?

Flaming Saddle and Highway to Hell were made by the same author.

You're probably talking about erosion, and most people use worldmachine, or import pre-existing heightmaps from google into their maps to make that. I paint mine by hand because i'm lazy.

And I'd love to know what the other testers though (you mention a pool of people in your first post). I'm trying to improve and it seems my idea of what makes a map good differs from yours ^^.

I don't see what you find different about what makes a good map.
They can talk here if they choose to do so.
Map thread:

Petricpwnz wrote:biass on his campaign to cleanse and remake every single map of FAF because he is an untolerating reincarnation of mapping hitler
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Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

Postby svenni_badbwoi » 16 Feb 2020, 00:00

biass wrote:Decals: big decal thing looks okay most of the time but i would have liked to have seen some more smaller ones to compliment it, also looks strange on ramps
I tried to use regular decals as well, but was not really satisfied with the result. So I skipped it to save time.
What is strange about the ramps?

biass wrote:Reclaim: was ok, boat wrecks in middle might suck on lower game counts
I'm glad the overall numbers and distribution is okay. It was really exhausting to place the tree groups in a way that all trees touch the ground.
I could replace the frigate with sub wrecks to lower the reclaim value.

biass wrote:Gameplay: should be okay, probably need to make ramps brighter because some judges needed to ask if the corners were passable
hmm, I already did a rework on them to make it more clear. Are you sure its the color of the texture and not the lighting/shadow
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