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Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2020, 01:16
by Spy_Emanciator
Melters Crossing

Uploaded today. Might get a V2 before judgement day but I had a nice time with it so far.

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2020, 08:12
by UnorthodoxBox
I am submitting my map titled "Daybreak"
Players: 2-6
Spoiler: show
059925674dc7fb26bc2a3b49f1b905e9.gif (2.35 MiB) Viewed 2098 times

While creating the map, design was focused mainly on 1v1 capabilities. In the the slot 1+2 spawns I included reclaim but sparse mexes to inspire unique build orders.
Spoiler: show
daybreak2.jpg (573.16 KiB) Viewed 2414 times

The corners have more reclaim as well as expansions to encourage early raids and skirmishes, as well as maintaining a high importance later in the game. In the middle, some t1 unit wrecks and wall sections are present to draw attention. The destroyed tanks give a boost to whoever snags them, as well as the walls provide a flexible pseudo-chokepoint that can be removed via reclaiming if needed.
Spoiler: show
daybreak1.jpg (399.86 KiB) Viewed 2414 times

I also imported a skybox to better fit the look and lighting of the map.
Spoiler: show

Daybreak is designed first and foremost as a 1v1 scenario, however I did include up to 3 spawns per team. I was able to make 2v2 viable on the map without too much trouble, and even 3v3 can work, however it may lead to unusual outcomes.
Spoiler: show

The map is in its final stages of production (only tiny detailing left), but I figured I might as well submit it now, hopefully it inspires more people to partake in the tournament while I add the finishing touches.

*edited to reupload images after server migration

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2020, 04:10
by Couchwolf
Highway to Hell.

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2020, 17:50
by Jip
The name of the map is Hardshield Oasis and can be found in the vault (at version 12).


Story line
After years of pollution, bot after bot, war after war, numerous planets turned slowly turned into desert lands due to an human-reinforced natural process called desertification. Entire planets turned into giant desert, losing their might and worth. Environment activists did not agree and initially started working on environment-preserving technologies years ago. No progress was made up to the point where the knowledge of the factions was combined and a terraformer was being built. Here, on planet B42, the first protoype of this terraformer is slowly turning a desert into a flourishing forest by spreading countless nanobots whom are designed to actively construct vegetation such as trees. After years of being hidden, this prototype has been found and is now another reason to continue the war: Whom will own the prototype and be able to repair their planets with this astonishing new technology?

Overview 01
Spoiler: show

Impression: Corner Plateau
Spoiler: show

Impression: Passages
Spoiler: show

Impression: Spawn and Back Plateau
Spoiler: show

Impression: Passages
Spoiler: show

Impression: Terraformer
Spoiler: show

Impression: Fire on wreckages
Spoiler: show


The map is 5x5 and has a desert / evergreen biome feeling. It's heavily decalled (~2300 decals, hurrr). It is a 2 versus 2 map, I'll make it adaptive at one point such that you can do 1 versus 1 too. Both players spawn with few mass extractors, other extractors are nearby but are more vulnerable to attack. Around the side of the map are various passages that can be used for manoeuvre warfare. There is (with intention) no mass extractors in the middle of the map: instead, they are on the sides to make them more vulnerable.

The map contains some code fragments, that as far as I am aware do not influence gameplay. If this is not allowed for the competition, please do mention. Among others, they do:
- Construct a 'terraformer' in the middle, which is out of reach and can be considered a 'strange shield-looking mountain' gameplay wise. It has a few emitters on it for aesthetics.
- Add fire on initial wreckage's, for aesthetics.
- Two trucks move from both spawn locations to the corners, these can be seen. It is cute.

Edit: I can't get the images to work. Is an external source not allowed? -> Fixed.
Edit2: @Biass: Am I allowed to rename the map at this point? :) -> (already) answered.
Edit3: The map has been renamed to 'Hardshield Oasis'.
Edit4: Edited lighting a bit, did the terrain types. Good luck everyone!
Edit5: Re-did the terrain types. Map is on version 12.

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2020, 04:44
by biass
Jip wrote:Edit2: @Biass: Am I allowed to rename the map at this point?

I already answered this.

Two and a bit weeks remain.
Make sure the name of your map is posted in the thread before the deadline. Zero tolerance on late entry.

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2020, 12:10
by biass
Submission close in 8 days.
Make sure you have the name of the map in the thread before the post closing the submisisons is posted.

Here is the timer:

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2020, 05:40
by Ajack
Map: Adaptive Synthetic

Since i learned to operate faf editor a good while ago i starded casually making a map once a few months. As the urge to make something new started coming back, i saw this tournament and thought "meh, why not have a go" xd

Posted in vault like an hour or so ago. The adaptive part is just about base mex that spawn with comms cos from my previous experiences any additional adaptive options are just skimmed and ignored by a typical host xd It's possible to play up to a 5v5 (cos why not).

Tried to make it visually pleasurable. Gameplay wise... i hope it does not come out as another cancer map xd I was trying not to make one.

Top down view with hand marked spawns :
Spoiler: show

If nothing comes out of this, at least ill may have another map to watch replays from cos i'm a perv :D

EDIT : I noticed lately that i overlooked some mex storage placement (mainly on the hill positions). Hill mex were tweaked slightly so that its possible to surround all of them with storage and hill starting pos can now have a factory with hydro and 1 mex adjacent at the start

EDIT 2 : Finally added a skybox (thanks to Svenni). It's an import from one of original SC FA maps (i forgot which one cos i did a bulk export from all of them, named them differently and it's all mixed up now xD). Did some colour and zenith height tweaks. Then i decided to have fun with planet placement and made a monster xd Looks okay'ish enough...

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2020, 00:14
by svenni_badbwoi
I'm submitting Adaptive Salt and Pepper
Additional information can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=14976&p=181691#p181691

Thanks for the opportunity.
Good luck to everyone.

I just uploaded v2 to the vault. It contains an improved custom decal with better resolution and lower loading time 2-5s ̶8̶-̶1̶0̶s̶ (once transit screen freezes). I also tweaked the settings of strata 6 (6.0 -> 10.0)

Edit 2:
v3 ensures symmetry for all wrecks. the naval wrecks got somehow moved by 1 game unit while mapping.

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2020, 15:10
by Emperor_Penguin

Re: Mapping Tournament 3 (AU Summer of 2020)

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2020, 09:17
by biass
Submissions close in a couple of hours.