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Re: Shared Army Tournament 2

Postby Nexus_of_Reality » 22 Sep 2019, 06:35

Morax wrote:Since nexus and blodir were total brats about the 2v2 I will not be giving any money to them.

If people think I'm wrong for giving my personal money to people who bitch about things, then go ahead and despise me.

Everyone below them will get the $200 I pledged because unlike blodir and nexus, they likely played with dignity and fun.

Go play starcraft 2 nexus and blodir. Do not ever expect me to sympathize for your behavior.

Nothing of value lost to the community for 2 players that don't appreciate a game with so little people being sponsored by someone who gives their own hard- earned money.

Good riddance.

Hmm apparently we don't qualify for this prize pool because we didn't make it into morax's friends list?

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Re: Shared Army Tournament 2

Postby FtXCommando » 22 Sep 2019, 07:19

Flamebaiting won’t do much good and that’s all the only lane left for this thread to turn into. If you have anything to discuss or comment on, do so in PM.
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