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Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Lenkin » 07 Sep 2019, 15:46

The tournament is gonna start on the 22th of september 18:00 GMT+0

Current prize pool: 450$
1st place: 250$ +
2nd place: 150$
3rd place: 50$

TD: Saske_Kaske, Bravo_, Resistance

Tournament rules:
• All the maps will be selected by a random number generator on youtube stream ( ... cS7VVU2G2Q) , a pool of 100 games is gonna get selected by him.
• A clanless player can join during the tournament and still register as a part of a clan, however, players that are going to change the clan during the event can not play it till the end of the tournament.
• Team presets can be changed during the tournament without the permission of TD.
• The game can be rehosted only 2 times, if anyone got technical issues.
• 2 v 2 games are gonna be played with fullshare or not, depending on the choice of both teams.
• If both teams agree,they can enable observers.
• TD decisions are final.
• Only clans that got a minimum number of 7 active members that played 100+ games are allowed to take part in the tournament.
• All the replay ID's must be sent to TD in pm.
• A representative member of each clan must be chosen and must be called on the registration forum or TD pm.

Tournament System:
If there is gonna be less than 8 clans,tournament will be played as a round-robin,more clans will make this a swiss tournament.
One round will last a week. The round starts on Monday 00:00 GMT+0, till the end of Sunday 21:00 GMT+0.
During this time, 8 games must be played: 2 - 1v1, 2 - 2v2, 2 - 3v3 and 2 - 4v4. The teams themselves agree on the time of the games. For each victory, the clan receives one point. If clans could not agree on their games, then both clans do not receive points for not played games. If one of the clans does not answer in PM or refuses to play, then all points for the match are given to the clan that was ready to play. A clan that refuses to play or ignores messages will be disqualified.
Map pool for each round will be revealed on the tournament forum,several hours before it starts.

In order to sign up,you have to write down your clan tag and the representative memebr of the clan.

Map Pool :
1 v 1 map pool:
Spoiler: show
1. loki
2. TAG_Craftious Maximus
3. Open Palms
5. Crossfire Canal
6. Roanoke Abyss
7. Abhor
8. Vya-3 Protectorate
9. Hollow
10. Syrtis Major
11. Point of Reach
12. Comet Catcher
13. Dragon River 1vs1
14. Seton's Clutch
15. Chiron
16. Four-Leaf Clover
17. Arctic Refuge
18. Daroza Sanctuary
19. Forgotten Facilities 10x10 (v.11)
20. Pelagial v2
21. Coldfire Crossing
22. White Fire V2
23. Frithen
24. Farce in tha forest
25. The Bermuda Locket

2 v 2 maps:
Spoiler: show
1)white fire
2)Operation Cepheus
3)Flooded Caldera
4)funeral plains
5)africa 4 v 4
12)Capella Six
13)Forgotten Dunes
17)Adaptive Fields Of Great Phoenix
18)Lost Paradise III
19)The Delta Marsh OPEN BETA 3
20)Pyrocumulus v3
21)Scars Gorge
22)seton's clutch
23)Island Zero
24)Supreme Carnage

3 v 3 pool:
Spoiler: show
1)twin rivers
2)the ditch
3)open waters
4)xaplials flooded
6)adaptive point of reach
7)flooded tabula rasa
9)Aldebaran VI
10)Feathers Island
11)Astro Bladesorrow
14)Painted Desert (Rebalanced)
15)Radiated Plains
16)Forgotten Dunes
17)Adaptive Monument Valley Flooded
18)adaptive argon
21)Burial Mounds
22)Adaptive Neptune
23)seraphim outpost
24)Pannonian Plains
25)mavys marsh

4v4 map pool:
Spoiler: show
1 adaptive canis
2 Seton Clutch
3 adaptive Twin Rivers
4 adaptive Wonder open
5 Primus Alpha v2
6 adaptive hilly_plateau
7 The Drunken Pirates Dance
8 Adaptive Point of Reason
9 Selkie Isle 5v5
10 Adaptive Corona
11 Dual Arches
12 salembay
13 Stella Maris v8
14 Anchor V2
15 Adaptive Mars - Mangala Fossa
16 Adaptive Syrtis Major
17 Maridia
18 Adaptive Metir
19 Adaptive Argon
20 adaptive Monument Valley
21 Kappa
22 Adaptive Turtle Beach
23 Tropical Touch V1
24 Dragoons pass
25 Saskiya

Current signups:
SCR Supreme Commander Reborn/Bravo_
GB Great Britain/Dro
J¢p Juvenile Odorous Petite /Fremy_Speeddraw
EDC EngineerDayCare/ Dendron
[e] Empire / JaggedAppliance
[ONI] Oni demon / AchievedJaguar8
[SA] SomewhatActive / Blodir
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Dro » 08 Sep 2019, 18:49

Sign GB clan up.
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Petricpwnz » 09 Sep 2019, 00:51

[J¢p] (formerly [Nya]) signing up.
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby UnorthodoxBox » 09 Sep 2019, 06:46

Do participating members have to be specified before the tournament starts?
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Lenkin » 09 Sep 2019, 10:59

UnorthodoxBox, no, only clan and representative memebr of the clan (mb clan lider). Any clan member can participate and be replaced by another clan member.
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Dendron » 09 Sep 2019, 11:04

EDC signing up - just one question - will the games be organised between the two opposing clans?
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Bravo1853 » 09 Sep 2019, 15:49

Dendron wrote:EDC signing up - just one question - will the games be organised between the two opposing clans?

Both clans themselves organise the game
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby JaggedAppliance » 09 Sep 2019, 18:07

[e]mpire sign up.
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby AchievedJaguar8 » 11 Sep 2019, 00:24

Oni signing up
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Re: Galaxy Clan War (GCW)

Postby Blodir » 15 Sep 2019, 11:31

[SomewhatActive] signing up
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