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King and Prince Syrtis Mayjor

PostPosted: 02 Mar 2019, 23:14
by Rowey
Two Divisions
For each division please go by the highest rating you have out of Global and Ladder
King of Map – O1500 Ladder / O1600 Global Rating
Prince Of Map - U1500 Ladder / U1600 Global Rating

Date : 16th March 4:30pm GMT

TD: USS_Discovery

Prizes (First Place Only)
King: King of Syrtis Major Avatar
Prince: Prince of Syrtis Major Avatar

Tournament Format:
• Biweekly Tournament – going to take place every 2 weeks on a Saturday (if there are other tournaments planed it will be rescheduled) King and Prince will be ongoing at the same time.
• Double Elimination
• Standard Ladder Settings, Ladder Spawns
• Draw = Rematch
• Disconnect
o 5km – Under 5 mins rematch after both players agree
o 10km – Under 8 mins rematch after both players agree
o 20km – Under 12 mins rematch after both players agree
o Second Disconnect = Who Stays Wins
• Players need to be present in the IRC Channels 30mins Before Tournament start.
• Players will forfeit their position if they are Not online within 10 Prior to the Tournament Unless ive been made aware Before had.
• Placement in the bracket will be done by seeding ( Rating will be based from between 10 mins to 48 hours)

King :

IRC Chat : /join #K&P

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Sign up Link : Sign ups Close @ 4pm