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Possible idea

Postby jbplays » 30 Dec 2018, 21:02

So I wanted to have a tournament hosted (not necessarily by me) and the name of it would be Not Your Average Noob, Not A Noob, something on that idea.

The basic idea for the tournament is that the first bracket will be noobs (600-900 rating >100G) the winners of that bracket will face off against the average joe (1000-1300 rating) and so forth.

This would almost be like a gauntlet. Just an idea.

And then there is always the Joes v Pros games ofc xD
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Re: Possible idea

Postby FtXCommando » 30 Dec 2018, 21:55

Some things to consider:

1) There isn’t exactly a glut of TDs so if you have a concept you’re interested in it will almost always have a better chance of happening if you are willing to host it yourself. That doesn’t mean people will refuse to help you with creating tournament rules and dealing with the logistics of running one, obviously.

2) Low rated tournaments (under around 1200) often have difficulty attracting players. This is due to factors like not being aware of the tournament, intimidation, not interested in the gameplay, etc. So it’s going to require a good bit of advertising (which other people can assist you with). There can even be a cash prize thrown in.

3) What you’re suggesting sounds kind of like the WWPC tourney we’ve had where people that won a certain rating bracket could hold their title as a champion or eventually move up (for challenge or because they are beyond the rating cap now). I’m not sure how well it will go for people at higher ratings because while a 600 and a 900 might not have the most extreme difference in skill a 1900 will have a tough time losing to a 1600 (generally).

You can always go to my discord in my signature and discuss the concept there if you’re interested in pushing the idea.
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Re: Possible idea

Postby moonbearonmeth » 31 Dec 2018, 02:35

I mean I get what you're trying to pull off here but... why?
Like 'congrats, you are the biggest fish in a very small pond, now go get the shit kicked out of you or out yourself as a smurf.'

Sure, running it would be pretty easy. I just don't see why you would.
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