Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

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Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby CookieNoob » 23 Mar 2017, 20:37

Chocolate Bunny Tourney

Tournament Directors: [SNF]CookieNoob & [SNF]PinkFluffyNoob


Sat. 8th of April, 14:00 GMT = 16:00 CEST*
End of Signups: Sat. 8th of April, 13:00 GMT = 15:00 CEST*
IRC channel: #BunnyTourney
Bracket and Matchups:

*if you are not sure if I did the timezones correctly: the CEST time is the one which counts!
or use this:

To highlight all the cool stuff you can do in Supreme Commander, this 3v3 average joe tourney (under 4200) will use a variety of different things:
  • round 1: normal game
  • round 2 (and losers round 1): crazyrush
  • round 3 (and losers round 2): hard FFA
  • round 4 (and losers round 3): claustrophobia
  • other games can be anything
Important: One player of each team (except for the claustrophobia match) has to play nomads!

To sign up, post your name and your teammates below. Plz make sure to post the names with correct spelling!! If you do not have a forum account, contact someone who has or make one. If you have any questions contact me directly, please don't clutter the thread. Thank you.

The tourney will use an experimental tourney bot, which will allow to reshuffle the teams that are above the rating restriction or not complete. So if your teammates dont show up, just join the channel and we will find a solution. If you want to sign up and dont have a team, you can also register as single player without team and let the tourney bot decide. Predefined teams of 2 players are not possible atm (in this case try to find a third person).

Casters: arkitect

Prize pool:
1st place: spring time avatar
SpringTime.png (21.52 KiB) Viewed 4937 times

2nd place: faction face avatar
3rd place: faction logo avatar

Tournament style:
Double elimination, swiss style if there are less than 8 teams.

Tournament rules:
Spoiler: show
- The mod "Bunny Time" is enabled for all games
- Combined rating (global and ladder, the higher one counts for each player individually) of the players in one team is below 4200 at the day of the tourney
- Maps will be chosen by the TD on the tournament start for each bracket(!). The maps from the map pool will not be played more than 3 times in total and only once per team (max).
- Tournament Director have rights to change the rules anytime.
- A team that is late by 15 minutes will be kicked out of the tournament. Try to be in the channel some time before the tourney starts, so we can start without delay!
- The games will follow faf rules and ethics, anything that is deemed bannable will cost you points.
- Any team that causes a delay of more than 10 minutes runs at risk of being kicked from the tourney.
- Standard game options are the default options. Advanced game options and spawn positions are set individually by the TD for each matchup before the round starts.
- If a player drops due to disconnect in first 5 minutes he might ask for a rehost, which must be authorized by the Tournament Director. (To prevent ragequits)
- Game is hosted by the player who is mentioned first in the ping with the configurations (see the manual )
- Always wait for your ally to die, so you don't desync the game by leaving!
- Host of the game has to make sure that the latest version of the map is played (check in the vault before each game)
- Score is on (see the next point)
- if the game takes longer than 45 minutes, the team with more players alive or the higher score (when the teams have equal amounts) wins.
- if a game is not started within 10 minutes after the matchup is posted, the team that causes the delay will be counted as loser

Map pool: All maps in the map pool are V2!!
Spoiler: show
  • Adaptive New Canis
  • Adaptive Setons Clutch
  • Adaptive Neptune
  • Adaptive Hilly Plateau
  • Adaptive Flooded Tabula Rasa
  • Adaptive Canis River
  • Adaptive Wonder Open
  • Adaptive Zeta Wonder
  • Adaptive Point of Reach
  • Adaptive Point of Reason
  • Adaptive Ians Cross
  • Adaptive Hrungdaks Canyon
  • Adaptive Argon
  • Adaptive Flooded Argon
  • Adaptive Twin Rivers
  • Adaptive Corona
  • Adaptive Flooded Corona
  • Adaptive Regor Highlands (V3)
  • Adaptive Fields of Great Phoenix (V3)
  • Adaptive Diversity
  • Adaptive Syrtis Major

precise settings used for the matches:
Spoiler: show
New Canis: 1+13+11x2+14+12(reclaim starting ress. = more reclaim, reclaim - middle = some reclaim, civilians = base t1 defences)
New Canis: 10+8+11x12+9+7 (dynamic spawn = all mexes, civilians = base no defences, reclaim - middle = more reclaim)
Setons: 1+13+3x14+4+2 (number middlemex = disabed, number sidemex = disabled, additional underwatermex = enabled, reclaim - back = one t2 pgen)
Setons: 15+3+11x16+4+12 (additional underwatermex = more mex, reclaim - middle = some reclaim, Civilian Base = t3, reclaim - back = two t2 pgen, expand 10min, Hard FFA)
Neptune: 7+9+10x8+12+11 (number middlemex = disabed, reclaim = fleet+ bomber)
Neptune: 13+1+9x14+2+12 (dynamic spawn = 1 mex CRAZYRUSH, underwater mexes = disabled, number middlemex = disabed)
Hilly: 16+14+12x15+13+11 (additional reclaim = megabot, number side mex (middle) = enabled, additional mex = enabled, close spawn mex 7+8, civ. base middle = t2 defences, heavy defences middle = walls + shields)
Hilly: 1+3+16x2+4+15 (dynamic spawn = hilly 4v4 mexes, number side mex(middle) = more mex, additional reclaim = some reclaim, civ base side = t1 defences)
Flooded Tabula: 8+10+1x2+9+7 (additional hydros = enabled, reclaim = more reclaim, reclaim (side) = battleship, Civilians = t1 def)
Flooded Tabula: 10+14+2x9+13+1 (civilians = base - t3 defences, additional reclaim = destroyer+frigates, additional sidemex = disabled, additional middlemex = enabled)
Canis: 10+4+2x1+3+9 (civilians = base - t2 defences, reclaim - side = stratbomber, reclaim - middle = lot of reclaim, change natural reclaim = 0.4 times lower, close spawn mex 11+12)
Canis: 14+12+2x1+13+11 (dynamic spawn = CRAZYRUSH mexes)
Wonder Open: 2+4+6x1+3+5 (dynamic spawn = all mexes, number middle mex = disabled, number side mex top = disabled, number side mex bottom = disabled, Hard FFA)
Wonder Open: 9+16+4x3+15+10 (number middle mex = even more mass, reclaim - middle = more reclaim, civilian base = t1 defences, close spawn mex 13+14)
Point of Reach: 5+9+8x6+10+7 (reclaim = ships+air+island, Civilian Base = enabled - t1 defences, reclaim - middle = very large fleet, close spawn mex 3+4)
Point of Reach: 13+11+15x14+12+16 (FORWARD CRAZYRUSH mex = enabled)
Point of Reason: 5+9+8x6+10+7 (reclaim = ships+air+island, Civilian Base = enabled - t2 defences, reclaim - middle = small fleet, close spawn mex 1-4)
Point of Reason: 13+11+15x14+12+16 (FORWARD CRAZYRUSH mex = enabled, close spawn mex = 7+8)
Ians Cross: 5+12+9x6+11+10 (additional middlemex = more mex, additional sidemex = more mex)
Ians Cross: 1+5+8x2+6+7 (reclaim - middle = aeon patrol, additional sidemex = more side mexes, close spawn mex 11+12)
Ians Cross: 2+4+10+x1+3+9 (claustrophobia, preset = custom, startuptime = 10 min, shrink interval = 30 sec, shrink count = 25, end size = not small, close spawn mex 15+16)
Hungdaks Cayon: 15+7+11x16+12+8 (jamming = enabled, additional reclaim = more reclaim, civilian base = t1 defences, number sidemex = more mex)
Hungdaks Cayon: 3+13+11x12+4+14 (dynamic spawn = all mexes, civilian base = t2 defences+shields, FORWARD CRAZYRUSH MEX)
Argon: 12+14+16x11+13+15 (civ. base side = t1 defences, civ. base middle = t1 defences, number middlemex = more mex, number sidemex = more mex, claustrophobia, close spawn mex 5-8)
Argon: 4+10+2x1+3+9 (FORWARD CRAZYRUSH mex = enabled, t1 civ base mid + extreme shields, close spawn mex 11+12, Hard FFA)
Flooded Argon: 14+16+8x13+15+7 (dynamic spawn = all mexes, more reclaim, civ. base side = t3 civs, civ. base side shield = more shields)
Flooded Argon: 1+4+15x16+3+2 (reclaim = much more reclaim, number sidemex = more mex, civ. base side = t2 defences, civ. base side shield = some shields, close spawn mex 5-8)
Twin Rivers: 14+16+2x15+13+1 (t2 wrecks, more mid mexes, enabled more hydros, close spawn mex 3+4)
Twin Rivers: 9+11+13x14+10+12 (dynamic spawn = all mex, Hard FFA)
Fields of Great Phoenix: 6+8+10x9+7+5 (dynamic spawn = 1 CRAZYRUSH mex, reclaim = ahwassa)
Fields of Great Phoenix: 15+7+6x16+8+5 (t1/t2 navy+strat, t1 civs on the mid, t1 civs on sides, more underwater mexes, more sidemexes, additional mexes enabled)
Fields of the Great Phoenix: 14+8+6x13+5+7 (reclaim = t1/t2 navy+ stratbomber, additional mex = enabled, additional underwater mex = enabled, number middlemex = more mex, claustrophobia)
Flooded Corona: 10+5+11x12+6+9 (FORWARD CRAZYRUSH mex = enabled, additional hydros = enabled)
Flooded Corona: 16+14+12x15+13+11 (dynamic spawn = 4v4 mexes, civilians = no def, reclaim = much more reclaim)
Flooded Corona: 16+9+8x7+10+15 (number plateaumex = enabled, civ base side = t1 defences, civ base side shields = some shields, natural reclaim 0.8 times lower)
Regor: 10+6+4x9+3+5 (reclaim = no additional reclaim, dynamic spawn = CRAZYRUSH 1 mex)
Regor: 1+5+11x2+6+12 (additional middlemex = more mex)
Regor: 2+8+9x10+7+1 (number middlemex = more mex, number underwater mex = fewer mexes, number backmex = fewer mex, reclaim middle = no relcaim, reclaim side = small t2 army, change natural reclaim = 2 times higher)
New Zeta Wonder: 14+4+16x13+15+4 (number middlemex = more mexes, number sidemex = more mex, reclaim side = medium t3 force)
New Zeta Wonder: 1+3+11x2+12+4 (civilian base = t3+shields, Hard FFA BEWARE THE CIVILIANS!!!)
Diversity: 3+7+5x4+8+6 (additional mex = enabled, reclaim = more reclaim, additional hydro = enabled, civilian base = t2 defences, civilian shields = some shields, close spawn mex 9+10, claustrophobia)
Diversity: 7+9+12x8+10+11 (forward crazyrushmex = enabled, underwatermex = much more mex, additional mex = enabled, reclaim = much more reclaim, additional hydro = enabled, civilian base = t1 defences, civilian shields = more shields, close spawn mex 1+2+5+6)
Syrtis Major: 1+9+3x2+10+4 (civilian base = large base-t2 defences, change neutral reclaim = 0.6 times lower, Hard FFA, close spawn mex 15+16)
Syrtis Major: 13+3+15x14+4+16 (civilian base = large base-no defences, change neutral reclaim = 3 times higher, number plateaumex = disabled)
Syrtis Major: 4+10+2x3+9+1 (dynamic spawn of mexes = enabled crazyrush 1 mex, civilian base = disabled, change neutral reclaim = 0.2 times lower, number plateaumex = disabled, number middlemex = disabled, number sidemex = disabled)

Only in the first round: one of the tds will join and check if all options are set correctly. START THE FIRST GAME ONLY AFTER A "OK" FROM A TD.

how to prepare:
Spoiler: show
  • play the maps in the list and try some of these configurations
  • try alternative options, i.e. crazyrush, civilians,...
  • download the mod "Bunny Time". It will be used in the tourney.
  • read the manual
  • have a look at the game mode claustrophobia
  • download the mod "Hard FFA V3" and try it out
  • try to get your teammates on teamspeak/skype/mumble

Current sign ups:
looking for teammate:
  • Silene_Undulata SkySmasher99
  • q2w1er CorporalSanders
  • Morax ejtelsmraF

  • Orion66 TheBlackWolf Berfams91
  • Tokyto_ speed2 WuMing
  • Scoot HappyIdiot Iszh

  • EcoNoob
  • Super
  • Moonbearonmeth
  • Bjorne
  • t-t
  • hirschy
  • Mach
  • Endranii
  • cups
  • AchievedJaguar8
  • Blast_Chilled
  • Turinturambar
  • Chosen
  • ChevalierNoob
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby EcoNoob » 24 Mar 2017, 12:22

Signing up alone! (Cause idk if i will be there :P)
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby TheBlackWolf » 28 Mar 2017, 05:18

Better faster stronger signing up (BFS) team - Orion, TheBlackWolf, Berfams91
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby moonbearonmeth » 28 Mar 2017, 13:08

I'll sign up alone. If anyone wants me to join their team, feel free to message me.
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby CookieNoob » 28 Mar 2017, 14:29

moonbearonmeth wrote:I'll sign up alone. If anyone wants me to join their team, feel free to message me.

whats your FAF name?
CookieNoob wrote:Plz make sure to post the names with correct spelling!!

EDIT: I found it out myself. It is "Moonbearonmeth". Plz make sure the name you signup with is identical with your username.
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby Heaven » 30 Mar 2017, 03:59

suggested edit:

Prize pool:
1st place: tba or lower tier prize
2nd place: faction face avatar or lower tier prize
3rd place: faction logo avatar
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby Super » 01 Apr 2017, 00:54

Signing up. Very interesting what happens
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby CorporalSanders » 01 Apr 2017, 04:27

signing up with me and 1w2qer. dont have a third person.
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby 1w2qer » 01 Apr 2017, 04:28

CorpralSanders wrote:signing up with me and 1w2qer. dont have a third person.

Im down lets go
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Re: Chocolate Bunny Tourney 3v3 under 4200

Postby Rikai » 01 Apr 2017, 15:25

Signing up alone. Get me into the tourneybot.
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