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Information for prospective and current TD

Postby Gorton » 01 Apr 2016, 22:01

Hello, FAF. We want you!

It's important to keep up the competition in this game - we have rating and automatch, but we also need tournaments! For that, we need you!

If you want to join the TD group, go ahead and message Gorton or Voodoo. This thread will be locked so it's kept clean.

Hosting a tournament.

When you join the group, an experienced TD will be assigned to show you what do to - and if there's something that needs explaining, ask. We want to help.


The general gist is that we use the website challonge ( ), as we don't have tools of our own to host a tournament. Challonge is useful, but has limits and sometimes doesn't do what you expect it too. Feel free to ask us, since these problems have (probably :) ) already been encountered and solved.
Challonge will seed the players and provide a bracket automatically, though you can switch players around.

Our challonge account is called faftd, and a login will be provided to you to use (it has no restrictions on numbers of logins, so any number of people can use it at one time)
faftd is linked to the tournament page in faf, so people can sign up to any tournament by double clicking on it in the tab. It's the recommended way of doing it, though you can manually add people as required. Shows the tournament tab in detail.

Chat channels for the Tournament

Tourney chat channels are created (and people in the tournament who are signed up are moved it it automatically).
I recommend joining the channel well before the tournament starts with an IRC account. Getting one is explained here: ... IRC_server

Then you can create channels by simply joining them /join #tourneychat
- Example: King of Badlands is /join #King_of_Badlands. Spaces are replaced by underscores _ and in front of the first character there is a # .

As the first to join the channel, your irc will receive channel operator status. This allows you to control the channel i.e to remove those who would disrupt you, and to set the topic. Recommended to use command /mode +t so topic can be changed only by operators.

You can OP anyone you want by /op nickname, it's recommended to have another channel operator (with an irc) in case of disconnect.

Change topic by command /topic What ever you want topic to be.
Example: /topic Bracket: || Rules: /viewtopic.php?f=26&t=9337#p92460 || Winner PM speed2

When you start tournament people will be moved automatically, it can be sped up by them clicking on Tournament tab few minutes after you start tourney (5min+-)
The link will cause anyone signed up to the tournament to be moved to a chat made by faf when the tournament is started.

How do you get people to actually show up for your tourney?

They can sign up via the Tournaments tab, and you can use the forum. Also, ask someone with access to the news page (Gorton/or anyone else) for news updates.
Note: tournaments need to be public.
We can't have people making tournaments that are restricted e.g to only members of one clan or just to a specific sub-community or whatever. They have to be open to everyone, and that means making them accessible, by making a forum post (beforehand) at the very least.

Some rules on hosting

You can make a tournament of whatever size, but if it's too small, (below ~10 for a 1v1 tournament, 16 players for a 2v2 or really non-competitive (i.e, one 2k and 9 1000s)
Don't expect any prizes for that tournament to get given out. It's not what we want to happen, but we want to create consistency, and fairness- People should get more or less equal challenges to win.

Make the forum post of results of your tournament immediately after. Make sure to note the specific avatars of the winners, and then pm the thread to a mod so they can assign the avatars. Like mentioned before, challonge provides you a bracket - screenshot this and upload it to the forum post.
TDs cannot play in their own tournaments* and a mentor must be present for the first tournament you want to host.

* Unless another td is actually running it and you had no hand in things that would make it unfair.


Avatar giving

As a note : when doing tournaments, please take the requests of the people who won them and write them in your forum post to show who won.

1: (Name) Tournament Winner or lower tier prize
2: (Name) Faction Face (Example: Dostya) or lower tier prize
3: (Name) Faction Icon (Example: Aeon)

This wiki page shows the common avatars for tournaments. If you're looking to have a special one or use another, please contact Gorton or Voodoo. ... nt_Winners

Monetary rewards

We're setting up a system to request-receive money rewards for tournaments. Right now, talk to Zock.

Avatar lease

Alright, it's been neglected for a while, but avatars are indeed supposed to expire. They're rewards, and meant to keep people playing!
So at a yet unknown time, (but probably within the next few weeks from now, 01/04/2016) avatars will be stripped from people that were given about 6months or more from the time, and all avatars will be removed 6 months after that date.
Other avatars given since that point will be given 6months time.
Special avatars - e.g King/Prince - will either be a year, or up until the next King/Prince of tournament.


If anyone has any comments on anything in this post, please pm me! Nothing is set.
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