Deflector Shields

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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby Seriph » 14 May 2014, 08:24

That is an interesting unit/concept.
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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby Krapougnak » 14 May 2014, 09:46

Impressive. I'm sure it can be put to good use.
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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby IceDreamer » 14 May 2014, 10:28

Put to hilariously OP use you mean :D
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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby Mad`Mozart » 14 May 2014, 15:19

Give this unit for cybran t1, i heard they are ridiculously UP these days and need a massive buff :roll:
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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby Resin_Smoker » 14 May 2014, 15:49

I could make a mod adding this to all shields at say a 5% chance of reflection.... That is assuming there would be interest in this sort of thing?

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Re: Deflector Shields

Postby Elikian » 14 May 2014, 15:54

Does this also work against GC beams, or Mavor... so a 5% chance that a mavor kills itself with it's own shot. That's a bit rude?

Edit: what would happen if you have two shields over each other? Interesting ballistics ensured?
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