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FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby FtXCommando » 02 Apr 2020, 20:34

Hello everyone,

For those that are unaware, WiseOldDog has decided to resign from this position as Promotions Councillor due to a variety of factors that made him feel no longer suited to contribute to FAF as a Councillor. The Council wishes him all the best in his future endeavors and can only hope he’ll be able accomplish his new goals.

With that being said, this means that the FAF Administration is currently seeking a new Promotions Councillor to fill the currently empty seat.

The Promotions Councillor is responsible for publishing FAF news, events, tournaments and more through various channels including but not limited to the FAF client's "What's New" tab, FAForever.com website, Facebook page, Twitter, Discord, and Youtube. In addition, a successful Promotions Councillor will not only seek to increase community engagement on both the competitive and casual front which in turn will assist in player retention. As FAF continues growing, we hope to expand not only through refined internal communications, but branching out into external communication that could showcase our community to new audiences. You should expect to work often with other Councillors either to understand the progress of features on FAF or in order to create new plans of action for a more cohesive community in the future. As a member of the Council of Setons, the Promotions Councillor holds a responsibility to vote on as well as be informed on major milestone decisions made for FAF by the Council.

To apply for the post, please submit a reply including the following:

-Your FAF username
-Your contributions to the FAF Project
-A statement describing why you are applying, your goals for FAF in terms of promotions, and how you will accomplish those goals

Current Council members will appoint the next Promotions Councillor following a rigorous selection process.

Applications will close May 3rd. Once the applications are closed, the Council will determine a new candidate through a selected interview process.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Thank you
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Azraeel » 03 Apr 2020, 06:47

FAF Username: Azraeel

My Contributions to FAF: I have lend AI Development in FAF Alongside Uveso and few others, for almost a year and a half at this point. I have created AI Developer Discord which allowed huge growth and insight into FAF AI. I created Galactic War Discord, which even tho didn't work out was a huge project I managed with a lot of other people. I've made many mods, maps, and just contributed my time to support faf in anyway possible. I, also been in many FAF Groups. I get people into FAF, often. Watch Streams to help new people that are playing the game. I participate in tournaments. I have a bunch of forums post on encouraging understanding of Sup com AI and a few tutorials.

Why am I applying?: Well, To Be Honest, this has to be the most important job on faf, advertisement of faf is our life line and without things like Casters, Streamers, and etc. My goals as councilor is really let people know FAF exist even till this day people come into faf discord saying "wow didn't know supcom community was so alive.." Well, I wanna get the word out to everyone that faf exist.. Another thing, I wanna get to do is really inform faf community of what's going in the development side of faf, balance side of faf, and etc. A lot of people don't really know what's going in, in the back end of faf. It's almost like a dark end.
I want to achieve these things by really using outlets like YouTube, Facebook, faforever Forums, Discord, Twitter. I, also want to acknowledge people of upcoming changes with detailed news post, forums post and etc.

Since reaching 2000 member peak, this is a exciting milestone for faf, but our next goal should 3000 then 4000 and so on! WiseOldDog was a friendly and good person, I am personally saddened to see him retire, his cast were very good, need more of him in the community. :ugeek:
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby unHOLY_NEKO » 04 Apr 2020, 17:52

none. i havent done anything like this yet. I hope ill do any in near future.
Id like to make sure russian community gets hold of whats going on inside the Faf project. Cuz theres no even any basic understanding inside the russians except some 2k or active players.*they are exceptions........
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Laticlave » 17 Apr 2020, 19:31

-Your FAF username

-Your contributions to the FAF Project
I'm a faf & discord moderator

-A statement describing why you are applying, your goals for FAF in terms of promotions, and how you will accomplish those goals
I already made a thread here explaining my thoughts on the promotions councillor role (/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19100). I would first focus on the faf wiki, trying to bring it to the level the usual game wikis are, eventually work on unified community tutorials with decent production values and focus on external promotion to encourage long-term playerbase growth. I'm also interested in organizing fan trailer contests, map & mods showcases and other events.
Should my application be accepted, I'd also step down from the moderator role.
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Farmsletje » 17 Apr 2020, 21:04

I'm not exactly sure whether this falls in the promo tasklist or dev tasklist (or a mix of both) but i just want to say that an improvement of the whats new tab could improve player retention a lot by making players feel like they are part of the community since the whats new tab currently looks very bland and uninteresting. It would be nice if some progress would be made here,
FtXCommando wrote:
need to give him some time to blossom into an aids flower
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Bennis- » 22 Apr 2020, 13:55

-Your FAF username

-Your contributions to the FAF Project
I am an acclaimed streamer, a community celebrity and the god of setons and soon also the god of ladder.
My presence as the above mentioned in the faf community has kept this zombie of a game alive for longer than its worth.

-A statement describing why you are applying, your goals for FAF in terms of promotions, and how you will accomplish those goals

I am applying because I think if I am in charge, faf will be better. my goal is to become a 2k ladder god, and while achieving that my plays will fill youtube videos (i.e.: Jagged Casts) and so on, which will make faf interesting again.

I will accomplish these goals by being voted into the Promotion Councillor position which will give me the visibility, motivation and credibility I require to succeed on the above mentioned journey.

Never have I been more sure that if I am voted into office, we will turn this GREAT game with its LOVELY community into the blossoming flower it deserves to be.

To all the good and caring members of our great community: Vote for bennis and lets make faf great again.

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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby nine2 » 02 May 2020, 09:26

Hello FAF,

I am a hobbyist indie game dev with the dream of one day producing my own successful game. I have already invested about 2500 hours towards this goal, learning many new skills such as game development and design, and the production of tutorials, videos, trailers, green screening and audio. If you would like you can buy see my Early Access VR game on Steam. One of the next steps in my journey is to develop the skills to promote games. So, for me, investing a large amount of time and effort into FAF promotions would be investing in my own dream.

My focus as Promotions Councilor would be to increase new players and increase the retention of new players. Growing the player base will increase the lifetime and diversity of our community. My draft plan to achieve this is:

Primary Goal #1: Increase players

  • Formal paid advertising campaign – produce advertisement graphics and videos. Research our target demographic and the cheapest way of targeting them. This will probably end up being youtube or twitch ads.
  • Reddit campaign – Posting content to reddit is an effective way of increasing awareness. Posts will be animated gifs of cool FAF things with personal titles such as “Very happy with the way my new unit walk cycle turned out” or “Nearly wet my pants when that laser com teleported in”. Then I would call on our FAF redditors to go out there on reddit and comment on our posts to get some momentum.
  • Reach out to Square Enix to see if they wish to collaborate on a mutually beneficial project. Our community raises the value of their IP so helping us helps them. I would reach out to them not as “Anihilnine” but as the Promotions Councilor of the world’s biggest Forged Alliance community with 11,000,000 games played. I would love to see Square post about FAF on the FA Steam Page. I would love to see them email their player base about us. I have no idea what the chances of this happening are but I will put forward a formal proposal to them. If all we can get is a heads up before they launch a sale, I'll take it.
  • Introduce analytics to track the benefit of each marketing step
  • Get baseline statistics for current New Players & Retained Players, so that we can measure the effect of our efforts

Primary Goal #2: Increase Player Retention

My understanding is that we actually do get quite a lot of new players but that there may be ways to increase the number of players that we retain. I will develop a plan for increasing player retention, which might look like:

  • Sending new FAF players a starter kit including information suitable to a beginner, it would probably focus on them having fun so might explain how to PD creep. It would link to particularly exciting casts. The trick would be to make it fun straight away, not overload them with information, and gradually increase the knowledge. Maybe there would be some animated gifs in emails.
  • Work with the trainers to see if they can actively approach new players. We could say something like “each new players should be contacted by PM within the first 10 days of playing”.
  • Work with trainers to organize scheduled noob matches and explicitly invite new players to join.
  • Email players who stop playing regularly with enticing information. A survey to find out why players are leaving.
  • Plug social channels like FB / Twitter / Reddit with amusing content. It could just be a 5 second clip of a nuke getting blocked by as plane. Players who leave will be reminded of us.

I haven’t thought about the retention plan much yet but I think it’s important and we should have it in place before we launch the plan to increase players. Makes sense to wait until you can keep them.

Secondary Goal #1: Internal Promotion

For years now I have thought that we need to have a red-hot news feed curating the most interesting FAF content. It would be a mix of everything: trending forum posts, featured casts, featured casters, highlighted replays, new maps, new mods, nomads, interviews. As an avid reader of the forums I am always seeing new cool things but I always think they don’t get the attention they deserve. Like the mapping competitions are a really unique and interesting idea but I don’t think they get in front of people. Like the upcoming balance patches which are released for ages but don’t seem to get looked at except by a select few. We need a news hub that is in your face and full of quality content. I would like to talk to the devs about if we could do something like that.

Secondary Goal #2: Increasing Pro Player Participation

If we had a news platform we should be able to use it to showcase the top end pro players, which would encourage the Pros to play. I would love to see more Pro action, perhaps with scheduled or organized games, and would like to work with other Councilors to see what we can do to increase that.

How will we achieve any of this?

I would love to achieve all of these goals but I cannot do it alone. My hope is that others will share my vision that increasing players and retention will make FAF a better place, and help me on a journey to make that a reality.

We will need to produce a lot of copy, graphics and video content. I think I’ve spent about 7 years on FAF forums and it’s not hard to think of people to go to. FAF have so many talented, creative and dedicated people. I’m thinking about screenshots of the week by lilSidlil, those awesome creative works to promote the new maps, graphic designs by Blackster, videos by people like Medicraze, the ridiculous amount of effort put in by speed2 and ExoticRetard for the wiki, the new website by Blodir. The slick patch notes we have been putting out lately. The list goes on – new maps, new client, new units.

Some of these goals would require money, which I can contribute some of. I would also ask the community for assistance, certain cashed up players I know of, and perhaps there are FAF donations that might be tapped.

Some of the goals would require dev time. Hopefully we will be able to find someone who thinks this is worth the time.

When I look around, I see all of the parts we need to level up in growth. If we all got behind these goals - we can do it!

My Contributions to the FAF Community:

I made UI Party and a bunch of other UI mods. I fixed the minimap which used to be a black square. I am slightly addicted to the forum and I’ve read it a lot. I’m a forum mod which means I delete spam posts and report abuse. You don’t see it but I’ve put many people in touch with each other, introducing new contributors to the devs on slack/zulip. For example, this week I introduced a guy who wants to donate a relay server that might improve pings between continents.

About Me:

38 year old, Australian. Software developer for 18 years. Employed as software architect / team lead for multi million dollar software projects. FAF player.

Inspirational Close:

As Promotions Councilor I will try and rally members of the community to fulfill these goals. I’ve got some big ideas about stepping up the FAF game, but I need to plan it out more and I’ll need buy in from many other people. Its ambitious but I have the motivation. I don’t know if this will work, but I’d love to have a crack ... who’s with me?
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Farmsletje » 02 May 2020, 11:18

Anihilnine wrote:It could just be a 5 second clip of a nuke getting blocked by as plane.

a-about that
FtXCommando wrote:
need to give him some time to blossom into an aids flower
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Rowey » 02 May 2020, 11:49

Anihilnine a few questions :)

How would you deal with the Outdated information and Syle of the Current FAF wiki compared to all the other game Wikis out their?

Will you be Constructiong a team to do all of this or are you going to be a one man band as most people Fizzle out will all the presure of not geting anything done after a few months.

How would you change what is allready their like the news page and the other tabs.

What would i be more likly to see from the Social Media of FAF from you.
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Re: FAF Promotions Councillor Applications

Postby Morax » 02 May 2020, 15:40

Farmsletje wrote:
Anihilnine wrote:It could just be a 5 second clip of a nuke getting blocked by as plane.

a-about that

Lack of a promo councilor probably to blame for this "fact" :imfine:
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