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Project Galactic [Ghetto GW Community]

Postby Azraeel » 07 Nov 2019, 04:25

Project Galactic [Ghetto Galactic War Community]

Some of You may know me for my AI called AI-Swarm, or my General Activity in the community. My Name is Azraeel and well I Guess I Should put even more of my life into this beautiful thing we call Forged Alliance Forever. I PRESENT THE GALACTIC WAR COMMUNITY!!!! POWERED BY THE GLORIOUS FAF COMMUNITY (Love u Devs)

What is this magic?

Wait What the f***, Galactic War? Huh what is this rip-off shit. Well, first off this is a community project. I decided to create this 2 years ago... almost 3 now. But i never did, i've always wanted to do this, but i decided to create the server 2 weeks ago... and man, y'all really did it for me. This server has blown up to 220 members in just 2 weeks!! Project Galactic is a Cheap Style Galactic War, nothing is automated. Everything is done manually by Myself and Moderators (Leaders). We have a Map, Rules, Balance, and Designing Meetings. We run this extremely tight and try to keep it organized.

Our Rules and Etc ... WSD-I0cTPE

Our Map

Our Map Pool ... bBldg_jXj8

Our Discord

Project Galactic Offers the ability to click on an emoji and the join the faction. Each Faction has a leader and a chain-of-command. These Chain-of-commands go all the way to the leader. Battles happen almost everyday. The activity is amazing and the community is non-toxic. Toxicity not welcomed!!! We're always trying to the make the experience better with constantly improving balance, rules, map, and etc. ;)

Come Join Us At The Project Galactic Discord
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