Supreme Commander mention

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Supreme Commander mention

Postby BLITZ_Molloy » 06 Nov 2019, 02:38

I was watching Linus Tech Tips just now (a pretty large Youtube channel) and out of the blue he requested if anybody had a Supreme Commander map in the middle of it @15.20.

I've just noticed our forum still has an option to link to Google Video..
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Re: Supreme Commander mention

Postby FtXCommando » 06 Nov 2019, 03:54

He has streamed FAF gameplay (not just against bots or obese modded games) twice I believe. Sadly he is west coast US and streams late night which isn’t the best representation of FAF but he definitely appreciates the game.
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Re: Supreme Commander mention

Postby armacham01 » 06 Nov 2019, 04:24

He said there was a map based on the board game "Risk."

The map that comes to mind is "world domination."
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Re: Supreme Commander mention

Postby tatsu » 09 Nov 2019, 12:12

yeah it's weird he would say that. if anything we have tons of versions of that map.

maybe he means with the countries color-coded like in risk? I recall having played that as well. I found supreme risk in the vault. I think that's the one he meant.
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Re: Supreme Commander mention

Postby Anihilnine » 10 Nov 2019, 03:35

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