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Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 15 Apr 2019, 18:18
by saxz
Hello guys,

I'm new to this forum and also to the FAF mod but played a lot of SupCom FA over the years now. Recently my friend and I switched to the FAF version and we are really excited about it. Thanks for your great work. Seems far more balanced and the performance is also quite good.

However, we recognized that some things seem to be missing. Most of the time we just play together against the "Sorian AIx - Adaptive" on Senton's Clutch with different compositions of the four fractions and the "No Rush Option" for 20 minutes.

One thing is, that the no rush circle is missing. By this I mean the area around your start position, in which you are allowed to act in by the no rush countdown. I just found one thread regarding this issue but there wasn't really a solution for that. Is there any reason why this feature was disabled? And is it possible to enable it maybe manually again?

And the other thing is, that the Sorian AIx doesn't build artillery (T3 and experimental) anymore. We played now about 20 matches and all fractions produced experimental bots, nukes or maybe experimental satellite systems and so on, but no more artillery building greater then T2. Has this problem be recognized by anyone before?

And I know there is a option to en-/disable some units or buildings, but this is not the cause for that problem.

Thank you in advance and best regards

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2019, 08:53
by Uveso
Hello saxz,

welcome to FAForever!

The no rush option needs a value present inside the "MAP_scenario.lua" file:
Code: Select all
    norushradius = 70,

If this line is missing, then you have a no rush radius of "0" and the option "NoRush" is not working.
(If you use my AI (AI-Uveso), then it will automatically set a default no Rush radius if it's missing)

As i know, the Sorian AI is still building T3 artilleries.
(i will check this later, and if i find a bug there, then i will fix it for the next game patch)

You maybe don't know it, but the FAF game version can load AI-Mods as a normal sim-mod.
There is no need to coyp any .SCD files to the gamedata directory.
Just copy the AI mod to your game/mod directory and activate it like any other mod.

Visit our AI-Mod sub forum for more information:

If you are interested in AI play then you should try my AI :D

It can autocreate waypoiont markers for maps without markers,
has no problems with 2 lakes/seas on a maps like setons,
detects naval only maps,
and is stronger then sorian AI on all maps.

(Have in mind that FAF GPG and Sorian AI are updated versions, they are both stronger then their originals)

And my AI is still in development. So if you have any ideas we can implement them.

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2019, 14:03
by saxz
Hi Uveso,

thanks for your kind reply. Your AI-Mod sounds very interesting. I will definitly give it a try, because we're always up for a new challenge. Is it also a good way to install your mod by the FAF Client (Vault -> Mods) or is it better to copy it to the game/mod directory as you mentioned?

Regarding the artillery issue with the Sorian AIx: i think this has to be a bug. As I said before, in all games since we change to the FAF version of SupCom the "Sorian AIx adaptive" doesn't build artillery T3 or experimental anymore.
If you need some replays to verify that, I can send you all of them. And also if you need someone to test a possible bug fix of yours, I/we would volunteer for that.

Thank you also for your explanation concerning the "norushradius". If I understand your instructions correctly, I have to change the right "xyz_scenario.lua" file. In case of the seton's clutch map, it seems to be the "SCMP_009_scenario.lua" file in the directory "Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\maps\SCMP_009". But as you can see, there is already such an entry in that file:

Code: Select all
version = 3
ScenarioInfo = {
    name = "Seton's Clutch",
    description = "<LOC SCMP_009_Description>Dozens of battles have been fought over the years across Seton's Clutch. A patient searcher could find the remains of thousands of units resting beneath the earth and under the waves.",
    type = 'skirmish',
    starts = true,
    preview = '',
    size = {1024, 1024},
    map = '/maps/SCMP_009/SCMP_009.scmap',
    save = '/maps/SCMP_009/SCMP_009_save.lua',
    script = '/maps/SCMP_009/SCMP_009_script.lua',
    norushradius = 70.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_1 = 15.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_1 = 40.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_2 = -10.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_2 = -40.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_3 = 10.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_3 = 30.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_4 = -12.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_4 = -38.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_5 = -40.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_5 = -15.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_6 = 40.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_6 = 10.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_7 = -10.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_7 = -10.000000,
    norushoffsetX_ARMY_8 = 20.000000,
    norushoffsetY_ARMY_8 = 15.000000,
    Configurations = {
        ['standard'] = {
            teams = {
                { name = 'FFA', armies = {'ARMY_1','ARMY_2','ARMY_3','ARMY_4','ARMY_5','ARMY_6','ARMY_7','ARMY_8',} },
            customprops = {
                ['ExtraArmies'] = STRING( 'ARMY_9 NEUTRAL_CIVILIAN' ),

So I'm a bit confused, why this doesn't work already.

Maybe you have another advice for me. I would really appreciate that :)

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2019, 14:54
by Uveso
Well i checked it and the no rush option is working..

..BUT, the no rush circle is not drawn/invisible.

That's clearly a bug. :(

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2019, 09:45
by Uveso

well, the issue is already fixed and will be part of the next game patch.

I guess this will be in 4-5 weeks.

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2019, 17:06
by saxz
Hello Uveso,

wow, I'm really impressed. Thank you for your efforts and that you already fixed the issue. We're really looking forward to the next patch :)

Just btw.: we already tested your AI. And well, that was our longest game ever. We used your "AIx Adaptive" in our first match and it was interesting to see, how your AI acted differently to the sorian. It was really funny, how the AI tried insistently to cut us off from the resources around us. And instead of confront us with experimental bots, bomber and so on right away as we were used to, the AID started to attack with small but many units in the beginning. I'm not sure, if it's tougher that way, but it was refreshingly different to play. We were also pushed back several times after we thought we got a food in the door and had to change a few times our way of approach.

Was a really nice experience, so thanks for that too ;)
I'll give you further feedback, if we played some more matches.

Best regards

Re: Missing T3 artillery with Sorian AIx & No Rush Circle

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2019, 19:33
by Uveso
Hello saxz,

it was not me :)

"Kyryl" was the one who fixed this inside the .exe file.

And thank's for your nice feedback :)

Just in case the AI is to strong at start or to week at late game:
You could use the AIX: Overwhelm. It's basically the same as the adaptive AI
but it will increase the cheatfactor by 0.6 after game minute 35 and again after 60 minutes.

So if you set the AI to a cheat factor of 1.5, then it will have a cheatfactor of 2.7 after 60 minutes :)
Overwhelming, is'nt it ? :D

BTW, at the moment the AI is not building much experimentals because i changed the eco for tech 1,2 and 3 units.
I need to rebalance experimentals.

You could also let the AI play Aeon, so it can build a paragon, or use my "Quantum Resource Generators" mod.
My AI loves paragons :)