The Problem With "Multiple Choice Polling"

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Re: The Problem With "Multiple Choice Polling"

Postby biass » 07 Dec 2018, 03:03

Yeah dude, maybe if instead of placing an ad every 30 minutes on the FAF client's most commonly looked at screen, we instead place it on a part or the UX that is heavily glossed over or even skipped entirely ONCE and we will get a +200% increase in votes?

Sure dude, Gorton plans to add something anyways. Will it end up in more norfair dissenters? maybe if the population sample retains the current opinion set. Will we be expecting another thread from you if that is the case?

Medicraze wrote:@Biass regarding the overwatch comment:

I am well aware of who seagull is and etc. I do think however that the idea that they ignore pick rates and etc throughout anything but the pro (or even just the T1 and not the tendies or open div scene) is most likely incorrect. I also fail to see where you were leading with it so i apologize.
Map thread:

Petricpwnz wrote:biass on his campaign to cleanse and remake every single map of FAF because he is an untolerating reincarnation of mapping hitler
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Re: The Problem With "Multiple Choice Polling"

Postby Quant » 07 Dec 2018, 23:05

I just want to say the polling software is godawful. Use radio buttons instead of a scoll-list please?
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