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Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2018, 23:55
by tatsu
AdmiralZeech wrote:
How does KeypassX help in the scenarios I've listed? We don't need help remembering the passwords, we have to jump from PC to PC, rebooting multiple times and typing the password to login multiple times. Or doing stuff on a PS4 / XBOne that requires typing in a password many times.

I've often wished for the superpower to cut and paste in "real life", hahah.

Actually, a USB keyboard where you can quickly create a macro by typing some stuff and pressing a key, and then press another key to replay the macro, would be awesome. As long as it stores the macro in hard memory so it survives being unplugged.

I use synergy it's as close as you'll get to that superpower (but the one I really want for real life is ctrl-Z)

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2018, 05:29
by moonbearonmeth
Kekkon Ishou de Shinkon Shoya Edition

This week in dev call
Dev Call was on thursday, I couldn't attend and apparently almost none of the councilors could either.
Anyway I watched the VoD, enjoy my live play-by-play notes.

Spoiler: show
-One of the devs has a fat wife. (I think it's Brutus)
-Entire call was useless because Sheeo wasn't there
-Some meek little boy was recording and also his mic was shit
-Phillip snores when he sleeps
-Devs learnt what hotkeys are
-They proceeded to not use said hotkeys and Geo muted himself like a fucking retard during his entire speech on ICE
-nvm fixed his mic, ICE working kinda but not too well with Python so more reasons for python too eventually die but maybe someone will fix it
-A lot of banging
-Looking at how they want to phase out python/looking at public feedback for Java (pro-tip, use less RAM pls, also let me change the background to cute anime girls)
-testing was done in a testing environment
-replay server seems good, gonna look at doing an open test on a day or two that is not during a tournament
-Strogo might be able to simulate a rage quit
-Something about how map and mod ownership works as far as derivative works go couldn't really tell which direction they want to head in.
-Geo has an anti-cancer discord server
-He also gets pinged a lot on Slack
-Fixing featured mods because no one fucking plays Diamond balance 4head
-Geo straight up deleting my contribution to the dev call
-BUT MUH QUALITY OF PERFORMANCE, fixed in java server kappa
-Exotic Retard admits EQ is fucking cancer
-Maybe getting a THIS GAME IS RATED label in lobbies
-Wait no, turns out that is really fucking hard so f*** that
-Steam linking becoming real fucking important real fucking fast, sounds complicated and not something I want to generalise

Unironically more productive than the last dev call tbh.

This screenshot in particular

If you didn't know, our player councillor wants to know all about how much you absolutely fucking hate the ladder pool so some people are maybe looking at implementing something like this so that less forum savvy people can somewhat clearly see that they have a place to go bitch and moan.
Be advised, I don't actually know if this will be added nor does anyone know.

-Planned Economy
-Pseudo Fascism
-Blackheart hosting Setons
-Remember Leagues, 4head

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2018, 17:52
by moonbearonmeth
Path of Exile is Free to Play and the Latest League Just Dropped Edition

Promotions Councilor

Fucking nothing really.
Geo and Mazornoob talked about ICE stuff and Dragonite and Mazornoob talked about Replay stuff but not a lot happened.

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 17 Dec 2018, 03:28
by moonbearonmeth
Khristmas Krunch Edition

Nomads progress
Yeah nah, nothing actually happened.
I mean why would anything move forward on this project?

There was a test.
No one seemed to say much after the test.

- It's snowing in Jewrope


Thanks, Downlord.

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2018, 17:52
by moonbearonmeth
The Dumpster Fire is Two Doors Down Edition

Promo Councilor
Mountain won.
GGWP, faggot.

That targeted shit
You remember that feature that was added to EQ that made you toggle targeting priorities because the default ones they set it to in EQ are absolute fucking cancer that they've been working on adding to the base game for the past couple of months which I have mentioned a few times? Yeah should be out next patch.

biass (with a lowercase :B:) leaving
Everyone is having a conversation in slack about the shit he pointed out, looks complicated and not the thing I want to cover 10 minutes before I need to host a tourney


Merry Christmas, wankstains.

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2018, 19:09
by moonbearonmeth
Image Edition

This was a very busy week in slack with a lot to cover and I have a very limited amount of time so...

So long and Farewell
To anyone who is in the Slack or these posts you may've noticed Sheeo has been distancing himself from FAF as of late, this was followed on Thursday by him officially handing in his resignation. He will be staying on to set some affairs in order until the 11th and then he will be moving on. Efforts to find a new councilor have started and are estimated to come to fruition in 2024.

In Bed with You
New python client release in beta with the amazing new feature of image embedding!

Looks something like this:
Spoiler: show

FAFction Diversity
A wonderous day in FAF history as the team welcomes it's first transgender developer. Alexa12 (formally Axel12) recently began her transition to becoming a woman.
If you see her in aeolus don't be afraid of saying hello, just be careful what you call her lest you get perma-banned ;)

Biggest Stick Award
The end of year tournament where all the FAF contributors gather round to see who has the biggest stick up their ass has concluded.
Everyone tried their best, myself included and the winner is...

COOKIENOOB, for not pushing a single fucking thing to the Nomads' repo and not letting others do it either.
You do indeed have the biggest stick up your ass.

Steam link
As of the start of next year Steamlinking will be mandatory for all FAF users until such a time as all our code is epic.

- Waldwald Waldrand
- Headphones
- Christmas happened

I might be gone for a while, we'll see how making video reports works out.
Also happy 1 year anniversary of This Week in Slack.

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2018, 19:53
by JaggedAppliance
Note: Sheeo did not actually resign.

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2018, 19:55
by Louvegarde
JaggedAppliance wrote:Note: Sheeo did not actually resign.

*implying the python client now does image embedding*

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2019, 04:29
by moonbearonmeth
Punished Moon, a Man Denied his Ban Edition

The Robutts
Uveso updated is AI read more here: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=16381&p=170685#p170685

Game patches
Should be one out soon if not out already

Nomads on the move
Shit might be happening, dunno.
Still pretty fucking cancer though with no end in sight

The Elephant in the room
You heard it all already, cogs are turning, Python is at the stake and we all get a nice hot cup of java.

-The entire #Server-development channel. Like there was stuff being done but skimming through it just looks like Dev fight club with cuddling and headpats at the end.
- Image
- Image Rackover confirmed for lizard

Re: This week in Slack

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2019, 03:30
by moonbearonmeth
Suomi's Big Fat Ass On My Big Fat Face Edition

Literally nothing interesting happened on Slack

-Devs trying to understand legal shit