3690 feedback thread

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3690 feedback thread

Postby PhilipJFry » 31 Oct 2017, 14:35

This thread is meant to provide a place where users can post feedback about the upcoming 3690 patch.
The 3690 patch is currently playable via the FAF develop game mode in the FAF client.
Should you encounter any game related bugs feel free to inform us about them so we can fix them before the patch goes live.
Information about how to make a bug report can be found here.

edit: important note about Supreme Score Board:
Old versions of SSB (up to v1.3) will not work with the new patch and have been blacklisted. Version 2 of the mod is working and available in the vault. Should you encounter a bug when installing the new mod version, then make sure to delete the old version manually. The mod folder can be found via the client (Options->Show paths->Show mods folder).
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Re: 3690 feedback thread

Postby Heaven » 31 Oct 2017, 15:07

i hereby claim Order green

Fixed Percival low detail model not turning its gun properly
really nice, i remember suiciding units into Percivals that looked like their gun was pointing elsewhere a couple of times. won't happen again i guess :D

patch log looking good, will be fun to play it
thanks everyone, and special thanks for Order green
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Re: 3690 feedback thread

Postby --- » 02 Nov 2017, 21:00

Since I like colors and was curious - here is an overview for everyone else who is curious :)

No, the new patch wont come with three new colors only. The "new" means either newly introduced (Seraphim gold and Aeon order green) or a color has changed compared to the old patch (dark blue).
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