Nomads are back!

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Nomads are back!

Postby CookieNoob » 15 Feb 2017, 22:06

Nomads are back!

Bored of playing with UEF? Aeon, Cybran also lost their charm? Seraphim not interesting enough? We have the solution! The featured mod 'nomads' is working again! It adds a completely new faction to the game with a unique background and abilities. Orbital artillery, folding transports, underwater mobile missile launcher and intelligence drones... all that and many more assets like these are in the arsenal of the nomads.


We fixed about 125 bugs in the code and updated it to account for the countless features that FAF added in the time where it was broken. There were also multiple compatibility upgrades to prevent it from breaking so fast again. Furthermore we changed the look of the faction and are improving the models with the goal to have the mod eventually integrated in main FAF at some point.

There is also work being done on a nomad campaign and the first mission is almost ready!

Main developer: CookieNoob
Development Team: Exotic_Retard, KeyBlue, RK4000, Ithilis, JJs_AI, dudekahedron

In this context I want to thank duk3luk3 for deploying it and all the work he has done to make that possible. He is currently working on a client update, which allows the nomads loading screen to work. If you want to have it earlier, just copy the nomads loading video in a folder called movies (you have to create it first) in C:/ProgramData/FAForever/ it can be found here: ... d.sfd?dl=0

Brute51 needs to be mentioned here as well, since he was the one keeping the mod alive for so many years before.
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby csoller » 15 Feb 2017, 22:47

epic news, will keep a close eye on this.
thanks guys!
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby Morax » 15 Feb 2017, 23:27

The "commander speed" upgrade is actually a really cool idea...

Will have to say, though, balance is not so great with 4 races, so adding in a 5th seems like a "gun to the head" scenario :lol:

Glad to see this work done and appreciate it!
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby Exotic_Retard » 15 Feb 2017, 23:31

have no fear! its balanced by the balance terrorists!
what could possibly go wrong?

also i think an equally if not more accurate tagline should be "the nomads are black"
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 15 Feb 2017, 23:52

Morax wrote:Will have to say, though, balance is not so great with 4 races, so adding in a 5th seems like a "gun to the head" scenario

It should be ok in fa balance enviroment, but balance inside will be more proper tweaked later while already its kind of hotfix to have it playeble and whieteout some obvious balance problems.
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby everywhere116 » 16 Feb 2017, 00:02

Very nice, I'm sure you all worked hard on it to bring it back. Glad we can finally end the era of "Why doesn't Nomads work!"
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby Lieutenant Lich » 16 Feb 2017, 05:34

One of the best news I've heard in the past 1-2 weeks. Now for the Nomad Campaign missions...
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby tatsu » 16 Feb 2017, 12:12

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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby JJ173 » 16 Feb 2017, 15:55

Hope you all enjoy the latest release of Nomads! We've nearly finished the first mission, and it'll be released soon. It won't be long now!
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Re: Nomads are back!

Postby sasin » 16 Feb 2017, 21:04

Nomads were really fun last time I tried them. I for one would be really, really excited to see them integrated in the main game. Especially if we err on the side of having them slightly under-tuned to start with.

I think it's easy to get kind of doom and gloom about balance and there are certainly some weird idiosyncracies/irrelevant units, but across factions, I feel like balance is pretty good. The last really big tournament that I know about with money on the line featured many different factions by different players on the same map. If inter-faction balance were really a big issue, you would see everyone picking the same faction at least on the same map, if not throughout the tournament.

Which is to say, putting them in the game will probably not be as big of a deal as people anticipate. And, it's the best way to gather data/complaints about their balance. Obviously, I appreciate you guys taking your time to knock out some of the kinks and so on and try to get them balanced before introducing them, but whenever you feel they are in decent shape, I'd say we should integrate them asap!
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