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Re: FAF stats

Postby Brutus5000 » 02 Apr 2020, 09:52

A lot of date columns have been added in 2016 and where populated with the date it was introduced. So yeah, old data is garbage.
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Re: FAF stats

Postby Bennis- » 04 Apr 2020, 21:13

New stats on the new users please. out of the 2000 users peak how much are russian -100 rated astro crater players?
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Re: FAF stats

Postby Myxir » 08 Jun 2020, 19:16

we had some 2012 supremacy discussions recently, i've got bored and made some plots.
all stats are from the current leaderboards, so the plots don't account for smurfs, inactive players etc.

rating on the x axis, number of players on the y axis, different sub plots by years

top 5000 global rated players

top 5000 ladder rated players
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