Nominations for Player Councilor

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Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby visionik » 18 Sep 2016, 17:03

Hello everyone –

As I mentioned in my prior post here, It’s time to begin restructuring the Council of Setons (CoS). For those who don’t know, the CoS was set up to guide the “work” side of Forged Alliance forever (FAF). The CoS has been in place for coming up on two years. We’ve had some people come and go, and we’ve had some roles that have worked and some that have not.

The biggest problems we’ve had with the CoS are:

1. Time availability from all CoS members
2. Lack of regular, scheduled communications
3. Clear identification of responsibilities

I discuss a bit about these issues and what we're doing about them in the other topic I posted on "Council of Setons Reboot".

Historically the Player Councilor is nominated by and then voted on by the FAF community as a whole.

The Player Councilor's job is to gather, represent, and promote the interested of the players. While all of the Councilors are expected to work in the best interests of the players, this is the one role that is *exclusively* about representing those players. Specific requirements for the job of the Players Councilor are:

• Organizing event schedule
• Organizing tournament directors
• Gather feedback from the community about top desires and problems
• Stay in touch with the community as much as possible on general issues
• Organize player surveys
• Sign the standard ceremonial "Time Pledge" to spend at least 4-6 hours a week on theses tasks
• Sign the standard ceremonial "Time Pledge" to be available for a ~2 hour call every other week

The process to select a Players Councilor will go like this:

1. Everyone can nominate people to be the Players Councilor here
2. The nominees can then accept or reject their nomination
3. After two weeks, those who accept their nomination will be asked to sign the ceremonial pledge mentioned above
4. Those who sign the pledge will be put on the vote
5. The vote will be open for two weeks, and the winner will be the Players Councilor

This post has taken me far longer to put up than I wanted. Why? Because on one hand I really want the community to vote for this position. On the other hand, I'm worried that we'll end up with a winner based on popularity. I decided to put in place the "time pledge" for all councilors in an attempt to balance this conflict.

To be clear you can nominate (and ultimately vote for) anyone - but keep in mind *any* councilor who is unable to live up to the "time pledge" mentioned above will have to be replaced, and if so, we will be going through this whole process again in another month or two.

It's finally time for everyone to suggest nominations for the Players Councilor... so give us some names!

Let's please keep this thread/topic focused on nominations for the Player Councilor or any directly relevant questions.

Thank you,

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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby keyser » 18 Sep 2016, 17:09

i nominate for players Councilor : Softly
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Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby Stups » 18 Sep 2016, 17:16

i nominate Tokyto_, lord of the beetles, for player councilor.
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby Zock » 18 Sep 2016, 17:32

I could see Tokyto_, speed2, arkitect, Mephi or Gorton all being great fits.
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 18 Sep 2016, 17:43

i nominate speed2 and Tokyto_ on this position.
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby Lieutenant Lich » 18 Sep 2016, 18:40

speed2, Softles or Gorton. They are active members
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby DarkPhoenix332 » 18 Sep 2016, 18:52

I nominate Evildrew, he is active everyday and has a deep understanding of the game and it's mechanics.
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby biass » 18 Sep 2016, 19:11

This position belongs to Softly.
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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby IceDreamer » 18 Sep 2016, 20:27

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Re: Nominations for Player Councilor

Postby TheKoopa » 18 Sep 2016, 20:28

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