Capacitator and Overcharge

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Capacitator and Overcharge

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 17 Oct 2014, 21:23

My idea about OC and capacitator.
would not be easy to push it by throw pip : ). I was thinking about it for long time, it is not instant idea where i dont see what all it can change. I think that know what all it change. And hope that it will help on plenty of points and will be acceptable for you. know that it then must litle rebalance some thinks. But try think about it. I think it is sober and conservative change.

INTODUCTIOM: Im not big fun of capacitator function and nomad overcharge, think that capacitator is too complitace to fully understand what it do. And have too many different function on different use so is very hard to know what exaktli it is good for, and it is quite different function what is core and none have it. And as we all know i see nomad OC as weakest one, what is totally oposite as you think or as it is supost to be. I in game likely abuse OC and acu play, and see it most situation as weaker. But understand that you want to have both function on game for make it different and deeper fraction. Also know (what dont like to hear) that in some point i dont see whole picture.

ACU stats rework: in general 80dps = 150dmg every 1,875sec, standard OC with 2,5aoe one shot every 3,3sec and 12000dmg.

capacitator rework (same for acu & sacu):
- buildtime bonus remove
+ recharge only by time, dont must have full energy storage for recharge
- recharge time 2x longer as usable time, cca 30s-60s
- regeneration bonus remove
- "fire" damage on place remove
- all external thins for sacu remove

when is capacitator on:
- change standard OC to nomad OC (change reaload time from 4->3,3 sec)
+ 50% rate of fire (what mean dps change on ACU to 120 = 150dmg every 1,25sec => 120%dps as is standard)
+ 1 area damage on normal attack (remove "fire" damage on place - dont stack with +50%aoe)
+ 50% aoe on normal attack, (does not apply on abbility as OC/planetary bombarment, this is for rocket launcher)
+ 50% visual intel = 39
++ get temporally "shield" of 10% current HP (shield disappears when is not destroyed after capacitator time end., dont consume any energy, and is put online imediatly as is capacitator turned on, on acu/sacu it will show as shield bar, and have some small visual effect for all know that shield is still on.)

RESULT: ACU whiteout capacitator would be nerf for only 80% dps as are others ACU, that is significant and mean that player must handle time when is CAP ready and ACU significant stronger as other ACU. Today is CAP only something that i turn in battle but dont see many differences. Its more about hope that it help me.

This simplify and make clean capacitator for everyone, remove "invisible" functions (as different function on different staff like 2x rof on railgun and 1,66 rof on gun and etc. ) stay only thins what are see immediately and all can recognise that "ouuh capacitator is on i dont want to meat this guy now, i will come bash him later"

remove build bonus, because it is hard to recognice and because it is primary not battle function. Remove condition need to have full e storage, because dps nerf is strong and on early game on good player is simply not full e storage = not capacitator function. Because build bonus is removed it dont make any problems.

I get small shield function instead of regeneration bonus. At
1. regeneration is kind of invisible function, what very few ppl recognize that something change
2. Shield can have more significant impact on game and create more "OHHH MY GOT" moments what we like because it is more interesting for watch. [ As when player nearly die but then turn capacitator with shield on and suprisli alive enemy ACU explosion with few hp, or when player make some stupid move and turn capacitator on for more survivability for short time]
3. And it give bigger bonus for capacitator when for having capacitator function nomad lose 20% dps, and not only 20%dps but 1,875sec is big reaload time for normal use. [it is 3,8sec to destroy T1AA instead of 2sec for other] It is about make capacitator more significant factor, but still not OP. 10% of curent hp can mean cca 750hp bonus in most of fight or +3000 on very late game so stay cca same significant for whole game. [comparing with regen, when have build regen upgrade and put capacitator on it is +80 regenx20sec = 1600hp bonus]. In summar that mean nomad ACU with capacitator have 11550hp what is less as UEF, but bonus is that hp bonus come every turn on. So i know is better as UEF, but i think that nomad acu is designed to be the best acu. what with CAP on realy is, but whitout its weaker.

aoe bunus on basic attac is for losing dmg on place after time, this function is inisible, and nearly ussles. It is good against building, but acu is not so frequent use against building, and when then it is nothing realy significant. That function sometime can very little help, but most of time when i would not know that it exist i dont recognize it in battle. 1aoe is not big, but can hit multiple units when have luck and against big nubmer army it can help. +50% aoe is mostly about SACU upgrade what is operate with aoe(missile), maybe some another aoe stuff on sacu somewhere income, so this thought to the future.

On SACu it is total same as it is on ACU what is clear for understand, what all it change. But SACu need small rework about number, for be similar 20% stronger as is standard when is CAP on and cca 20% weaker when is CAP off. for example anti-navy rail-gun sacu need more rof and dmg whiteout cap because it after this lose 150% rof and dps. but i dont know all number on sacu. But believe that it would not be so hard softly change it for this more clear capacitator premise.

ACU double gun then again need cleaning for be simply double dmg as is first gun upgrade.

And other small tweak what must be litle changed for be same as is now with this premisse, you know better what all it would be because i dont know all number, and dont have any source when can found it. But what is reason for this is make it more clean, more easy to understand and with some impact. I would rather dont have CAP in game, because it is use non standard mechanics but It is compromis. And when CAP stay, then have CAP what is intuitive and easy to understand, for everyone + Have nomad OC in game, but still have it linked with something specific only for nomads.
think about it.
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