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Re: BUG list

Postby pip » 30 May 2014, 10:00

First, go into your sound options and disable the SACU voices if you don't want to hear the SACU.

Second, redo all your tests because Percivals are much stronger than Nomads SACU mass for mass and for buildtime. Only when you heavily micro your SACU and use capacitor can they compete against Percivals. With no micro, Percivals will win all the time.

And Nomads SACU are not like other SACU, because they are more specialized. You didn't even notice that if Nomads SACU have no engineer arm, they are like normal units (they even leave wrecks): they can't build anything and take forever to get a new upgrade (they need to be assisted). Only with an engineer arm they can build PD super fast, and then they are not very strong with just one weapon. They still can reclaim, same as Harbingers which cost a lot less and Harbingers can reclaim and shoot at the same time, Nomads SACU cannot.

Also, maybe you didn't notice, but Nomads SACU are intended to add variety to their t3 game, with several types of SACU to fill different roles. Instead of having fast bot, super heavy bot, missile tank like UEF, they have only one tank, but a Rocket SACU, possibility of having a fast SACU, and heavy SACU, and even and Anti-naval SACU to make up for lack of naval units at t2 and t3.

Last thing, you cannot spam SACU as easily as Percivals, you will still need Nova, otherwise you will not be able to repel any t3 army with SACU only, it's just impossible.

NB: the kamikaze possibility with Resource Generator is there for more than a year. It's a secondary use for the resource generator, along with energy production and capacitor charge time reduction.
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Re: BUG list

Postby Ithilis_Quo » 30 May 2014, 13:33

I love taht ships!! thats great. and that destroer who on low range rape everything and dont need torpedos as other for it :)) best!
T3 subs now look like well balance when go against serahin, 3 sera win vs 2 nomad, but it is very close.
and heavy destroer is perfect, good work.

you had right about thay can not build, you had my apologise. I was thik that thay had same build power only not posible to build. That is good that dont had. Otherwise you had not right that percival are much stronger. I test it against PC who was static when i move, so probably it is not 100%correct, but in mostly all situation mass to mass i defeat percis/bricks/outhums only with sacu sceleton+cheaper gun =900mass. So yes you can win only with SACUs and nothing else and its not so hard. (sceleton + chear gun is best option are is not as posibility to build as complet, get it in pls)
When i combine it with novas + EMP then they would be master raper, seriously try it.

NOVA probably, but dont test it yet, would need be litlle bit slower as Outhum tanks, for same reason why auroras are slowest T1. Outhmum need had posibility to get on range with same speed he had no chance. as outhums are litle bit faster as brick/percis becase need to had posibility to go on range. my suggest 2,5->2,3

problem with sacus are that when are categorized as militari unit as in same shudle as enginer, and you dont hit all your army (sacu+novas) only novas. Recategorize them as military.

ACU double gun had still title as double gun and OC too, rewrite it, as only gun and not OC

voice, i dont say it by myself, i know that i can turn it off.. but look on other people who start play nomads and found some units who is all time doing similar voice as when i sit on toilete. thats wired, thats like from some fat ogre units from warcraft but this is not warcraft, its total diferent kinde us univers where this is not parth of it. Like on age of empires unit dont say you "yes comander our galactic star gate would be open!" Its wired and make it oposite reaction. (speed2 dont want to play nomads becase are ugly and had wired shit voice, tokyto dont care abou ugly but had problem with sacus voice, juraj had problem with many things but this voice is from wtf category for him, ask other people for thay reaction, but imho you would found similar reaction)

and sorry for previous reaction im under stress.
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Re: BUG list

Postby pip » 30 May 2014, 14:49

You are not supposed to build skeleton SACU and then cheap gun. That's why it is listed as engineer, and not attack unit. Only the SACU you get with offensive presets are listed as attack units. IF you make a custom SACU, it will be considered in the category of the preset you chose, and default preset = like other factions : SACU are considered engineers.

Besides, in a real game, not in sandbox, if you spend your time making skeleton SACU, then manually upgrade with default gun, you will not be able to keep up with normal t3 production. And if your enemy show up in your base and your SCU has not a gun yet, he will do nothing, it's waste of mass. The gun has 281 DPS and 25 range and SACU has 12 000 HP. It's not possible to kill Percivals efficiently because percivals have 35 range and 400 DPS. So yes, if you use this SACU combination when Percies don't move, and the SACU avoid Perceval shots, it will win, if Percival move back, for sure the percival wins.

However, if this combination is too cheap / strong in real games, it can be easily adjusted but please try it in real games before making a judgement.

As for othuum, they are not supposed to counter Nova, unless there are some mobile shields with them. Otherwise, Seraphim need to use snipers to counter Nova. Since Nova don't have a lot of hp and are slower than sniper, you can really damage and kill them with snipers.

As for Double Gun upgrade for ACU, please tell me the exact sentence that you think is wrong because it has been fixed and it now says that double gun doesn't affect overcharge (there is no double OC). The first gun upgrade is not double gun and increases range of overcharge the same way as all other ACU.
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