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Client transition & retirement of the python client

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2019, 21:48
by Brutus5000
Dear commanders,

as discussed in multiple Contributor Conferences already, we will retire the python FAF client finally and make the java client the official FAF client. We know that not everybody is happy with this decision, but the lack of developers in the last two years made the situation of two clients unbearable.

As of today we start a transition phase of 3 months were both clients are still supported and available for download. We encourage everyone who still clings to the python client to use this 3 months to give some constructive feedback on functionality that you makes the python client your client of choice.

After the transition phase we will stop supporting the python client and kill all legacy services which are only used by the python client. This will eventually break its map, mod & replay vault. The sources will remain at Github, so everybody can fork it and bring it back on track.

The constructive feedback thread is here.
If you encounter issues or problems with the java client post them at Github or in the Tech Support forum.