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Administrative Actions

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2017, 18:28
by Voodoo
Hello, everyone.

In the interests of transparency, this thread will contain all the important Administration/Moderation actions in #aeolus done by the moderation team. Game and forum bans won't be listed here as the player get's a peronal message when he tries to login. The reported will be informed about our decision with an extra private message.

If you find yourself banned from chat (#aeolus), you should be able to come in here shortly afterwards and see why.

How do I appeal?
If you honestly feel like you are being hard-done-by by a decision, you can contact someone else in the moderation team by PM on here or in chat (unless you're banned from chat, obviously).
Do not abuse this, however, as if we find that it was a legitimate decision and that someone is appealing too often, the length of the time-out will be increased (this will only be done in cases of real appeal abuse).

These chat bans are in place: