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T1|     100%        80%          60%
T2|     50%         40%          30%
T3|     25%         20%          15%
Experimental        10%

ACU/SCU/Civilian Structures/Civilian Trucks/anything with people inside: 0%

This means that the Medusa's emp grenade, for example, would stun T1 tanks for three seconds, a T2 tank for a second and a half, a percival for a momentary 0.75 seconds, a T3 battle ship for less than half a second, and a galactic colossus for a third of a second. This makes the EMP look alot cooler because the effect scales with size.

How could this be done?
Well, either multiple buffs could be added to each weapon so that they have a different stun time for each category of units, which would take too much time, or a script could be made to modify stun buffs universally.

*The above buff table does not contain the exact values I am pushing for, but they do give you a general idea of what I am suggesting.

Statistics: Posted by A_vehicle — 25 Mar 2013, 00:01